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Irrigation Products and System:

Dutco Tennant LLC provides advanced systems and products that have been designed to be strong, durable and easily usable for farmers around the Middle East and GCC region who need highly efficient irrigation solutions. Farmers rely on Dutco’s pioneering technology to produce a better yield, decrease risk and take complete benefit of every crop season.

Irrigation is one of the oldest professions. In order to do irrigation properly, there has to be a sufficient supply of water in the fields so that plant growth takes place normally. This can be only done by transporting the right amount of water to the fields with as little loss and as a cost-effectively as possible. The valves and other equipment that we supply for irrigation system must be robust and simple to use. Additionally, this equipment must be inexpensive to acquire and easy to install.

In the irrigation systems, dirty water may routinely block irrigation products and system, requiring repair and replacements that may cost thousands of dollars per year. Our advanced, maintenance-free products do away the need for these costly repairs by cleaning the water so that it does not clog the pipes & equipment.

One of our most popular irrigation equipment is irrigation water filters that can function normally with a variety of water sources effectively filtering mixed solids from canals, rivers, reservoirs, wells, and city water supplies. The irrigation filtering equipment supplied by us protect a wide range of agriculture equipment and are always equipped with screens that filter the debris of main concern. All our irrigation filters all well capable to protect sensitive farming equipment from clogging, and these systems require no routine maintenance.

Irrigation products and system require good water quality that ensures maximum competence and prolonged existence of all components. Dutco’s irrigation filtration products are the most suitable option for removing solids from liquids in an environment-friendly way. These equipment protect the extend pivot, sprinkler, and booster pump life. Using the irrigation equipment you can maximize irrigation consistency and performance. For more than 40 years, Dutco Tennant LLC has provided high-quality farming equipment and filtration solutions to increase water flow for irrigation and stop premature equipment broke down. Our commitment to supplying good quality irrigation equipment in the Middle East and GCC region has resulted in a wide range of products that continue to solve clients’ problem and meet the ever-demanding irrigation & landscaping requirements. You can contact us for any irrigation & landscaping product requirement.

Irrigation Filters