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A water piping system has to be kept under stable operating condition. The inclusion of air in water transport systems can have negative effects such as flow reduction, pressure fluctuations, water hammer effects, and pumps running dry. However, lack of air in water pipelines can also lead to harmful effects, one such effect is negative pressure arising in pipes due to water flowing off too fast. Because of these reasons, need arises of air release valves for a release of small and large quantities of air from water transport systems.

Air relief valves are probably the most widely used air valves that have a small orifice, weighted floats, and leverage mechanism. Air release valves automatically release small pockets of collected air from the pipeline. These automatic air release valves are usually mounted on the top of the pipes to automatically release trapped air.

For effectual air release protection and surge alleviation, Dutco Tennant LLC provides the air release valves for water systems which are integral air release valves for surge control. The products that we supply include a number of valves that have been designed after intensive research and understanding of water markets. These air pressure release valves serve a number of purposes addition to their air valve functions such as the elimination of water hammer and surge effect in the pipelines.

We supply automatic air relief valves with the following features:

  • Keep the system flow efficiency.
  • Release the unwanted air pockets during the system operations.
  • Protects pipelines against air related surges.
  • Designed to work in high-pressure systems.
  • Ductile iron, Cast iron body cover, Floats, Bolts, and Nuts made of Stainless Steel.
  • Drinking water approved Epoxy coating.
  • Made up of lightweight high-performance material which offers excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Designed for long time use

The different types of air release valves that we supply include Single Orifice, Double Orifice, and Combination types.

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