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Potable Water Gate Valves:

Gate valves find wide applications and can be used for both above-ground and underground works. These valves are preferred types of valves in all applications be it air, fuel, gas, feed water, lube oil, hydrocarbon, stem or any other services. They offer a number of advantages, for example, with these valves there is no pressure drop during operations, most of them can be used as bi-directional valves, and they can be used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications without any maintenance.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a well established potable water Gate Valve supplier that has been serving clients in the Middle East and GCC region for about four decades. We are one of the most popular Gate Valve service providers in this region which can supply all kinds of water valves and Gate valves including 22 mm Gate valves and 15 mm Gate valves.

Gate valves can be classified as the following types.

  • Based on disk types: Solid Taper Wedge, Flexible wedge, and split wedge.
  • Based on Body Bonnet Joint types: Screwed Bonnet, Bolted-Bonnet, Welded-Bonnet, and Pressure-Seal Bonnet.
  • Based on stem movement types: Rising stem and Non-rising stem.

In Gate valves, the disk moves at right angles to the flow of fluid to start or stop the flow in a pipe. These valves are linear valves which are most commonly used in process plants.

A Gate valve is a multi-turn valve which implies that the valves need to be operated by means of a threaded stem. You need to turn the valve multiple times to open or close it which makes it a slow operation valve, and that also prevents the water hammer effects.

We offer both Rising stems and Non-rising stem valves. Rising stems rise and lower together as the valve is operated giving you a visual indication of the valve position and here you can also grease the stem. Rising stems are mostly suitable for above-ground work.

Non-rising stem types rise and lower into the valve taking less vertical space as the stem is kept within the valve body. These types of valves find application in both under-ground and above-ground work.

The potable water Gate Valves that we supply are:

  • DI Soft Sealing Resilient Type NRS, F5/F4 Type, Flanged
  • Rising Stem Gate Valve, Flanged
  • DI Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve, Spigot End
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Product Image

DI Soft Sealing Resilient Type NRS, F5/F4 Type, Flanged

Product Image

Rising Stem Gate Valve, Flanged

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DI Non Rising Stem Gate Valve, Spigot End

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