• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Dutco Tennant’s capability in wastewater business comprises of products for Sewage, StormWater & Irrigation.

In sewage our specialty supplies includes products like Sluice gate (Penstocks), knife gate valves, plug valves, flap valves and stop logs. DT’s expertise make it one of the leading solution providers in penstock supplies which in different markets calls for unique leakage rates. DT’s support team is involved with the contractor to ensure installation and maintenance are intact apart from providing the actuator mounting service that can be electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. Roller gates of larger diameters are available for Sea water intake and desalination applications.

Our regular supplies to both sewage & storm water network includes DI pipes & fittings, pipeline accessories, gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, air valves. The outfall line for storm water usually includes special ball check valves, expansion bellows and duckbill check valves.

These are supplied in both sewerage pressure mains and sewage treatment plants. Products like screens, grit removal equipment, custom made clarifiers,odour control units, sludge thickeners, vortex drop pipes, macerators are our core STP supplies. These products often require special design and construction to manage the corrosive and abrasive nature of the fluids.

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