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Sewage Butterfly Valves:

Dutco Tennant LLC has been serving the sewage water industry in the Middle East and GCC region for over four decades. Over this period, the sewage water drainage procedure has undergone many changes as the global concern regarding the sustainable use of resources and the environment grows. As the governments all over the world press for even stringent wastewater management regulations, Dutco Tennant LLC has worked round-the-clock with wastewater products manufacturer, contractors, and designers to deliver the path-breaking solutions for the latest and technologically superior sewage water projects.

We have a wide variety of sewage concentric butterfly valve in our supply. These valves are bi-directional, quickly shut off valves that are globally used for isolating or regulating a flow of fluid in the pipelines. Sewage Butterfly Valves that we offer has centric or double eccentric design, and wafer type suitable for all kinds of Industrial applications. If you need any kind of butterfly valves which are suitable for Sewerage & Irrigation applications then you can contact us.

The stainless steel butterfly valves that we offer have large diameters from 20 to over 2000 mm and are designed to handle a wide range of pressure variations. These products have been designed keeping in mind all international manufacturing standards.  We provide a wide range of butterfly valves such as lug, wafer and flanged type, with a wide range of actuators possibilities. Dutco Tennant LLC offers you a complete range of double eccentric butterfly valve, and we collaborate with a lot of manufacturers worldwide to deliver future innovative products.

In real life, flanged butterfly valve have to deal with highly contaminated water, therefore great importance has to be attached to the choice of materials for protection against decay. We have long expertise in delivering equipment for various projects in the Middle East and GCC region, and we offer a wide range of sewage Butterfly valve.

Key features of the butterfly valves that we offer are:

  • They have a replaceable liner.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They offer low operating torque.
  • Allows bidirectional flow.
  • All our valves are rubber lined.
  • Body and shaft are fully protected from the circulating fluids.
  • All our products are covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.
  • Can work in a varied temperature range.
  • Covered with anti-corrosive epoxy powder coating

We are number one supplier of the automated butterfly valve in the Middle East and GCC region, and we have covered a number of projects in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.

Concentric Type Butterfly Valve – Rubber Lined

Double Eccentric Type Butterfly Valve

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve