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Sewage Control Valves:

Over the past four decades, the process of sewage water handling has undergone vast changes as the global population continues to rise and worry over the environment grows. As the more stringent wastewater handling regulations come into effect, Dutco Tennant LLC has been working closely with the wastewater project designers across the globe to deliver ground-breaking solutions for the most challenging sewage water solutions.

Our sewage water solutions offerings are totally different from potable water solutions. Dutco Tennant LLC offers products that have been specially engineered for use on sewage water slurries such as sludge and grit. We offer a complete range of sewage water equipment that covers every step of the sewage drainage process, from collection to final release in an environment. Complete client satisfaction is our first priority as we work to provide reliable, cost-effective products that give the best possible solution for every use.

In the wastewater drainage process, one of the trickiest applications is flowing control of the medium. After the wastewater has been collected and transported through the city’s sewer system, a pneumatic flow control valve must control the amount of sewage that enters the plant. As these automatic control valves are deployed, they must be able to handle anything that enters the sewer lines, such as plastic bottles, sand and grit, raw sewage, aluminium cans and anything that can jam a sewer pipe. We offer large-diameter valves that have a full opening and that don’t offer obstructions in the direction of flow.

Some of the common control valves for sewage that we supply are Pressure Relief / Pressure Sustaining Valve, Flow Control Valve – Diaphragm Type, Pressure Reducing Valve, Altitude Valve/ Level Control Valve, and Flow Control Valve – Axial Type.

The sewage control valves supplied by us have the following features:

  • Controls system pressure by alleviating excess flow.
  • Gives quick opening relief.
  • You can easily adjust the pressure setting.
  • Can work as an Isolation valve, with booster pumps, and in Pump Suction Line.
  • A valve body is Globe Type/ Angle Type.
  • Body and Bonnet are made up of Ductile Iron ASTM A 536 standard.
  • Pressure relief pilot is made up of Brass or Stainless Steel.
  • Covered by Non-Toxic Epoxy coating.
  • All our products are covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.

We supply sewage control valves for varied applications in the entire Middle East and GCC region and are one of the most prominent control valve stockists in U.A.E.

Pressure Relief / Pressure Sustaining Valve

Flow Control Valve - Diaphragm Type

Pressure Reducing Valve

Altitude Valve/ Level Control Valve

Flow Control Valve – Axial Type