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Water Transmission pipelines are used for channelling a large amount of water from one location to another. Whether it is for conveying raw water from water sources to a water treatment plant, or for conveying them to a storage location and community supply lines, water transmission lines are used everywhere. Transmission lines carry water to storage reservoirs and to smaller-diameter distribution lines that carry water to commercial and residential users.

Since water is of utmost importance in every residential and commercial setting, water transmission systems have to be of the highest product quality and reliability. These pipelines are used to transport water from storage facilities to clean water distribution networks. The pressure in the water transmission lines is created either through gravity or through pumping stations. The water is taken from the source, channelized to water treatment plants, and then pumped into distribution networks to housing societies and companies, through water distribution systems.

High-pressure pipelines are the most common means of water supply for residential communities. Whether it’s free flow or under pressure, water transmission lines usually require a huge capital investment and therefore all the products needed should be well chosen only after full deliberation.

We are the number one solution provider for high-pressure water transmission lines whose solutions offer operational safety and long service life with advanced technology and optimum design being at the forefront of our solution.

Dutco Tennant LLC has deep expertise in supplying products for water supply distribution system and water transmission pipelines. For water transmission pipelines, a number of materials are suitable such as concrete, ductile iron pipe, or carbon steel pipes. You may choose the type of material depending on project-specific applications as well as applying pressure classes.

We supply a wide variety of valves that can be used in the water transmission lines. Along with operational security and long service life, our valves have all the technical features that should be there in a community water transmission pipelines valves. With many years of experience behind setting up water transmission pipelines, we are the ultimate solution provider in this sector.

We at Dutco Tennant LLC have long expertise in supplying a different kind of equipment such as Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Expansion Joints, Dismantling Joints, Check Valves, Control Valves, Air Valves, and Butterfly Valves for high-pressure water transmission lines. Our main area of focus is the Middle East and GCC region with a number of projects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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