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Water Transmission lines are for moving water in bulk. Water Transmission mains convey raw water to the treatment plant from various surface and underground sources. This includes rivers, lakes and surface reservoirs as well as underground aquifers. After it is treated, transmission mains carry water to storage reservoirs or to smaller-diameter distribution mains that carry water to commercial and residential users. Transmission mains can be thought of as interstate highways, whereas distribution mains would be smaller roads at state and local levels.

Transmission lines being main arteries of the water distribution system, highest product quality and reliability are of greatest importance. The transport of water from storage facilities to distribution networks also takes place through water transmission pipelines. The pressure is created either through gravity or through associated pumping stations. The water is channeled from the source, such as a reservoir, to water treatment plants and then usually pumped into service reservoirs and distribution networks to private homes and companies.

For water transmission pipelines, concrete pipes, ductile iron & fittings, or carbon steel pipes are usually used. The choice of valve may depend on project specific applications as well as availability of different pressure classes. For water transmission, Dutco Tennant offers a wide range of gate valves, double &triple eccentric butterfly valves, air valves, control valves, nozzle check valves as well as dismantling joints, expansion joints and valve accessories.

In addition to operational safety and a long-service life, the optimum design of the installation is at the forefront of this application, as only correct dimensioning with optimum flow values can assure long-term and cost effective pump operation with minimum energy costs. With many years of experience behind them we are the ultimate solution provider for this.

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