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Water Transmission Ball Valves are a quarter turn shut off valves that are used to give on/off control of flow. Ball valves can offer reliable, bubble-tight sealing, and they are a good choice for situations where tight shutoff is required. Ball valves are available in a variety of construction materials and designs that make these valves extremely flexible. These are wide duty valves that can transfer even liquids with suspended solids (slurries).

We at Dutco Tennant LLC have a wide range of ball valves that are suitable for water transmission in commercial, industrial and residential applications. We are a reputed floating ball valves traders who supply true union ball valves and ball float valves as well.

Ball valves can have two, three, or even four ports, however, most of them only have two ports and are physically operated with a lever. As they are a quarter turn valve, these valves can be quickly opened and closed.

In water transmission lines Ball valves construction, the most common ball valves used are a brass ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, and high-pressure ball valves. A number of materials such as chrome plated brass and steel, PVC, and stainless steel is used for the construction of the ball inside the valve. Brass valves are a common type of valve that is used in potable water application.

The Ball valves that we offer have the following advantages:

  • All parts, coating, and materials are regulatory standard compliant.
  • These Ball valves are easy to maintain and easy to operate.
  • Suitable for high-pressure water transmission lines where there are high volume, high pressure and high temperature conditions.
  • No need to repair for long as strong construction ensures long service life.
  • All components – Body, Connector, Ball, Seat, Stem, Body Seal, Stem Thrust Seal, and Stem Packing – all made up of highly corrosion resistant materials.
  • These valves can be replaced in-line with other valves.
  • All valves are DEWA, SEWA, FEWA, and other regional regulatory standards complaint implying they can be used in all the countries in the Middle East and Gulf region.

Dutco Tennant LLC is reputed ball valve supplier in the Middle East and GCC region offering high-quality ball valves of different pressure ratings, size, construction material, and end-connection to suit in wide applications. We collaborate with a large number of ball valve companies to offer high quality ball valves. We offer complete solutions for industrial and community water transmission systems, and Ball valves are one of them.  We have supplied water transmission Ball valves to a number of projects in the Gulf region in the Saudi Arabia, Qatar and U.A.E.

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