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A water control valve is very important components of a water system. They are designed to control the flow of water in the pipeline by reacting to changes in the system and automatically regulating the valve to balance. They are globe valves. These valves can be hydraulically operated and diaphragm actuated. The pilot or the control mechanism used with the valve determines the application of a control valve. A pneumatic control valve can be used in different applications such as a pump control valve, a pressure reducing valve, a pressure sustaining valve, or an altitude valve.

Control valves can also be used as pump control valves with large high-pressure booster pumps. They act as check valves and ensures rush protection for the system. A booster pump may move several thousand gallons of water in a minute from a tank or other water source and can lead to severe pressure surges called water hammer effect in the water distribution system.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides flow control valves that have been specially engineered for use in high-pressure water transmission lines. We provide a wide range of pneumatic control valves that can be used anywhere in the water transmission pipeline. We ensure complete client satisfaction through our automatic control valves which are dependable, cost-effective products that give the best possible output in every application.

In water transmission lines, one of the trickiest applications is flow control of the water. A control valve for water transmission must control the amount of water entering or leaving the pumping station. We offer both small and large-diameter valves that give a full opening and that don’t obstruct in the direction of flow. Some of the common control valves for high-pressure water transmission lines that we supply are Diaphragm Type Control Valves, Pilot Operated Globe Type Control Valve, Flow Control Valve – Axial Type.

The water control valve for waterline supplied by us have the following features:

  • Controls pipeline pressure by lessening excess flow.
  • Can work as a pressure relief valve.
  • The pressure setting of these water control valves can be easily controlled.
  • Suitable for use with booster pumps and pump suction Line.
  • We have control valves with valve body as both Globe Type and Angle Type.
  • Body and other parts are made up of industry-approved ductile iron.
  • Covered by Non-Toxic Epoxy coatings.
  • All our products come with long-term manufacturer warranty.

We supply high-pressure water control valve for varied projects in the entire Middle East and GCC region and are one of the most well-known high-pressure control valve stockists in Dubai.

Diaphragm Type Control Valves

Pilot Operated Globe Type Control Valve

Flow Control Valve - Axial Type