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Pipe Expansion Joint:

Dutco Tennant LLC provides a wide variety of Expansion joints for use in high-pressure water transmission lines. Our supply includes different kinds of expansion joints such as elastomeric, fabric or metal expansion joint. We have a different kind of products for application in different projects to solve your specific issues or problems. We are a leading supplier of water expansion joints and pipe expansion joints for water transmission lines projects all over the Middle East and GCC region.

In a piping system, expansion joints serve a number of purposes - they not only absorb vibrations and shock, but they also relieve stress, reduce noise, and balance for misalignment of pipes. Pipe expansion joint also finds use in absorbing thermal expansion in very hot applications. When these joints are there in a piping system, they can allow pipes to move in three different ways, axial compression or extension, lateral offset and angular deflection.

We offer both metal and rubber pipe expansion joint. Our specially designed metal expansion joints can solve the most demanding challenges faced by complex piping and ducting systems such as high-pressure water transmission lines. We have experienced in working on a number of projects in the Gulf region and we can supply a wide variety of pipe expansion joints.

Dutco’s metal expansion joints such as stainless steel expansion joint find use in wide variety of applications in different environmental and installation conditions, having varied space, pressure, temperature, movements, and corrosion conditions. Our expansion joints solutions can take care of desalination power plants, district heating, water and wastewater transmission and others.

A reliable water transmission system requires suitable expansion joints for satisfactory working.  Expansion Joints are widely used because of their outstanding resilience capacity.

We at Dutco Tennant LLC understand that all customers’ requirements are not exactly the same. We provide solutions to construction contractors and consultants whose job is to supervise costs and quality in the installation of water transmission piping systems. We pay fine attention to the details of your experience. Our skilled employees can understand all your problems and provide exact solutions to match your requirements. Our technicians have the technical know-how and ability to provide solutions to the most challenging application. Our solutions can perfectly match your requirements, saving both time and money.

We have provided all kinds of expansion joints in different projects in the Middle East and GCC region in countries like Qatar and Oman.

Rubber Expansion Joint

Metal Expansion Joint