• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Company Profile


Dutco Tennant’s journey from a traditional trading company to a modern turnkey solutions provider has earned itself a niche market and a loyal customer base in the Middle East and East Africa.

At DutcoTennant we have always listened to our customers and set sail on our journey. Every customer has unique needs. While standard products can cover a few of those needs, others need a more complex customized solution. In both situations we offer our dedication and expertise to provide the right solution that addresses the customer’s needs.

DutcoTennant combines the product portfolios of leading manufacturers as well as their cost efficiencies along with our flexibility as a local team to offer application specific turnkey solutions to our customers

Products & solutions offered and industries catered to by Dutco Tennant include Pipes valves, fittings, water meters and instrumentation for the potable water and waste water industry, Plumbing specialties, HVAC controls, Valves, chillers for the prestige building MEP services, RO membranes, chemicals, components & skid mounted equipment to the water treatment sector, Surveying equipment & services to the civil engineering market, manhole covers, bridge bearings geosynthetics to the transportation sector.Architectural finishing products, flooring products & sports and leisure systems are on offer for the region’s civil construction industry.

Dutco Tennant has been a leading regional source of laboratory equipment for education, industry & research besides low voltage systems and telecom related supplies. In addition to our portfolio of industry-leading brands,Dutco Tennant is renowned for offering exceptional service and technical support. Customers also rely on our team of trained and experienced application specialists for help in selecting the right product for their application, troubleshooting existing equipment, and their annual maintenance needs.

We have been around for over 40 years, but our environment is akin to a startup. We are a rapidly growing family of businesses with high performing teams who strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. Dutco Tennant is evolving as we continue to grow and expand the business regionally.