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Dutco Tennant LLC has pledged to always bring out the most effective, inexpensive and environment-friendly solution for our customers and this makes us stand out as a leading supplier of industrial and engineering products in the Middle East and GCC region. We have earned the trust of thousands of people around the world who have been getting the best solution for all their requirements from us for the past four decades. Our service and expertise have earned us various accolades and recognition which motivate us to keep going on and on. We have been trusted by our high-profile list of clients who have allowed us to contribute in various public and private infrastructure projects comprising of schools, colleges, hospitals, industries, water treatment plants, airports, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, offices, etc in the Middle East and GCC region.

We provide solutions for a large number of commercial construction specialists like raised access flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, carpet tiles, and woven vinyl flooring. We also provide solutions for building expansion joint covers and entrance matting systems alongside metal roofing products. Wet Area Anti-slip safety floor mats are suitable for use in applications where you have to walk barefoot on wet floors. Therefore, they can be used in shower rooms and changing rooms as our matting system provides sufficient water drainage facility. Our another offering Anti-static Floor Mat has been designed to absorb static electricity and stop static shocks. These floor mats protect industrial equipment, safeguard explosive chemicals, and workers before they touch such items.

Anti-Static Floor Mats are essential in preventing shock and electrical damage. Almost all business operations require the use of high voltage machinery and it is extremely important for proper management of electrical discharge to prevent damage to both equipment and employees. Dutco Tennant LLC proudly offers Anti-Static Floor Mats that protect both people and machines.

Anti Static Mats also known as ESD Mats helps to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage and explosive chemicals from igniting by dissipating any electrical discharge before it can sabotage the item. Conductive mats are a special type of anti-static mats which are especially geared to discharging static build-ups around the most sensitive equipment and chemicals. It is mandatory for all anti-static matting to be used in conjunction with a grounding cord to be effective. All anti-static mats are tested for proper resistivity during production.

Anti-static Floor Mat is formulated to absorb static electricity and prevent static shocks. The aforementioned safety flooring mat protects your sensitive equipment and safeguards explosive chemicals by quickly drawing static electricity off workers before they touch such items. Our Anti Static Floor Mat is a cost-effective way to prevent accidents and our high-quality collection of Anti-Static Floor Matting encompasses a wide range of individual needs.

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