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Biological Product Water Treatment Chemicals

A very renowned supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions for various applications like industrial, municipal, commercial & defense sectors as well as the hospitality industry in the Middle East and GCC region is Dutco Tennant LLC. It is one of those companies which hold its primary priority with the clients. We believe that each and every customer can have diverse and unique needs based on their project requirements. We always try to come up with various modern solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of our clients. With our never stop attitude and unmatched quality and service we have been earning a desirable place in the hearts of thousands of customers over the span of four decades. Over the years, Dutco Tennant LLC with its subsidiaries has earned an array of awards and citations that bear testimony to the company’s pursuit of operational and managerial excellence. We feel honored to be repeatedly recognized worldwide for our service capabilities, management philosophy, employee engagement policies and innovation to our work.

Our one-stop-shop offers equipment consumable & service which include RO membranes, RO antiscalant, membrane pressure vessels, Chemicals, packaged treatment plants, water test kits, etc. Value-added services including annual service, operation & maintenance, plant audit, revamp & retrofit, etc can be offered fully backed by experienced teams.

We have a range of water treatment chemicals which you can use for various applications.

FreeFlow transforms highly polluted wastewater to a level that is acceptable to environmental agencies and water utility operators by breaking down organic waste including soluble BOD, TSS, ammonia, and FOG. FreeFlow is delivered straight to your drains which turn blockages, backups and foul odors into history.  Most bacteria gets flushed out in the traditional treatments through the pre-treatment system before even getting active. FreeFlow bacteria are live and begin feeding and multiplying the moment they enter the wastewater stream or drain system, improving the effectiveness of each treatment.

We are the authorized and exclusive distributors for NCH range of chemicals from the USA

  • Biological product for use in the application of reducing BOD and COD from the industrial wastewater stream
  • Coil cleaner to clean the scale & corrosion from the coil
  • Drain opener chemical for opening the kitchen drain from clogging due to oil & grease
  • Scale Remover chemical for removing scale from the pipework of various metallurgy
  • Demonstration kit to directly demonstrate the performance of chemical