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Everything you need to know about Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Any designer or architect will tell you about the importance of carpet flooring. There are several resources which chronicle the importance of paint choice and lighting and these are important choices too. But the most important thing to consider is your flooring. Your flooring has instant transformative abilities no matter it is wall-to-wall carpets or any other type of carpets, it can either take your project up or down, depending on how efficiently you can use it. For anyone who is entering a room or building, the floor is the first thing with which they will make a physical touch. Flooring also counts for a major portion of your project budget and so you need to be sure that you are making an informed decision.

Carpet Flooring will not let you down. The enormous advantages of carpet will surely benefit you. Wall-to-wall carpet has so much to offer like compressive comfort, thermal capabilities, and great acoustic management, along with a high amount of safety in comparison to hard surface alternatives. These carpets can also be a great medium for expressing your thoughts. Carpet designs can be likened to storytelling. Via your carpet selection and the way you want to employ them, you are here to set the mood of a space and create an environment that tells about how you should use a space. Your carpet flooring selection combined with carpet backing the padded underside of the carpet can determine the feel, look, and sound of the space. The patterns, colors, or custom designs of your carpets create your story.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Also known as ‘fitted carpets’, wall-to-wall carpets, or ‘broadloom carpets’ are a type of carpeting that covers a specified space in few pieces or even one single piece. When opposed to several pieces that are laid out for creating your floor, this creates a seamless look for which wall to wall carpeting is known all around. They can be designed for directly sticking on subfloors, but more often they are laid on underfelt over the substrate flooring and are attached using small tacks. They are named by the way they are manufactured, in wide and long rolls of carpets. It is mostly suited for projects having big design plans or for large floor surfaces. Dutco Tennant LLC has a wide variety of carpet flooring solutions that you can choose from depending on your project requirement.

Benefits of wall-to-wall carpets

There are various benefits of using carpet flooring for your projects.

  • Adds Style

Choosing carpet makes way for a lot of doors when it stands for styling your carpet, choosing wall to wall carpets will offer you a great selection of pattern and color standards to decide from. Apart from that, these carpets will offer you the highest level of freedom when you are trying to create custom designs.

  • Rich in plushness

When you are opting for carpet tiles, you are getting access to a wide range of carpet backing and yarn options that allows for a certain level of plushness which is not offered by any other options. This is attractive not just for underfoot comfort, but also as it reduces back pain from standing and alas absorbs the impact of foot traffic which allows the fibers to look better and last longer.

Which one to choose among Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Carpet Tiles?

When you are selecting a carpet, you will be asked by the experts to decide on several factors like patterns or colors. These are undoubtedly important decisions to consider but before that, you need to decide what type of carpet suits your project the best. You will have two options to consider either wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles.

  • Wall-to-wall carpets are suited for large-scale patterning or custom designs.
  • They have an extra touch of quality that you can feel while walking on them and see when you are looking at the aesthetic surface.
  • Carpet tiles are easier to install, it saves time and money.
  • When your main concern is regular maintenance, then you should consider carpet tiles.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading provider of carpet flooring products in the Middle East and GCC region. Our carpet flooring solutions have Carpet Tiles, Broadloom Carpet, and Prayer Room Carpet. These carpet tiles have been designed to provide an eye-catching look to the interior of your house and office and satisfy the endless requirements of house owners and business owners. We are here to provide standard and comfortable carpets that can serve different needs.

Contact us for any product related inquires : +9714-2152799

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Benefits of Raised Access Flooring

Raised Access Flooring

If you have been thinking about renovating your office, then you are likely to have heard the name of Raised Access Flooring. You may have noticed it in the modern offices, where it is being widely used and it is very much likely to get more famous in the coming days. While you are making plans on moving or renovating your office, then you may think of making it efficient from every aspect. You have the opportunity to turn it into an ideal workspace for your team and make it future proof. While any renovation or redesigning, everyone looks to overlook flooring, but we are here to tell you about how important it is to give attention to your floors. Floors are undoubtedly the first thing you will keep your feet on while you enter any building. Floors are not just about that, flooring is important for comfort, reducing noise in some cases and also accessibility. The design of the floor also determines the mood of a room. You may think that for flooring you cannot do much rather than just replacing and ripping up the carpeting. But with Raised Access Flooring you can entirely change an area and get more functionality which you would have never imagined.

So, let’s begin with what exactly is Raised Access Flooring. As it is becoming very much popular in workspaces and offices, Raised Access Flooring because of its customizable and modular nature. Essentially raised access flooring is basically a floor that sits on top of the existing floor which is leaving room underneath for running ductwork, cables, and others. It is available in several styles and solutions, for example, a data management center may opt for heavy-duty solutions with more available space below for running cables and airflow equipment. In conventional offices, it is more convenient to use a floor with a lower profile for maintaining space between the ceiling and floor while also offering space under the floor for basic cabling requirements. Now let’s show you what are the benefits of Raised Access Flooring.


The biggest eyesore in any office is any space filled with cords and wires which are running every way down. A raised access flooring system comes with a lot of space below the tiles which can house all those unsightly pieces of technology. If you keep them in order under the floor, then your space will look clean and organized at all times. The aesthetic appearance of any office space having a large tech volume will be taken up instantly by notches.

Easy to change and repair

If one tile gets damaged or broken, it feels very easy to fix or swap out compared to dealing with a regular floor. With a normal floor, if something goes wrong or a piece is damaged, it is likely that the entire thing will have to be fixed or an area will have to be ripped up and replaced, which will cost more money and cause a disruption. With this system, a tile can be replaced very easily without requiring to overhaul an entire space or cause a major inconvenience.

Easy to Access

While dealing with an intricate and in-depth group of servers, you will require to be able to access them quickly whenever needed. These will exist below the floor and will require to remain clean and organized to anyone who is performing maintenance. It allows for pain-free and easy access to any technology running within them.

Temperature Management

The space within the system can be air-conditioned from the floor. This design also allows for the air to move in a more efficient way, which cools the space faster and cuts down on long-term energy costs.

Now that you know the benefits of this, you may be thinking about where to Raised Access Flooring in Dubai. We at Dutco Tennant LLC proudly bring to you the most advanced range of Raised Access Flooring from around the world. In our range, you will find all types of products from Calcium Sulphate Core, Chipboard core, Cementitious Core and Raised Terrace Supports. We are the leading raised floor supplier in the region. Contact us today or drop your inquiry at info@dutcotennant.com.

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The extended product range of our Architectural Finishing Products

Architectural Finishing Products

As you all know that Dutco Tennant LLC is the leading supplier of high class, ground bearing and hard-wearing Architectural Finishing products in the Middle East and GCC region. For over 40 years, we have been offering the most advanced range of solutions in the region. We work with the biggest names in the industry to bring to the most advanced product and solutions. Our offered products are characterized to be cost-effective and durable with optimal performance at each step. All of our products are heavily tested and manufactured using the most advanced technologies. In the previous blog, we gave you a look into our product offerings, and now in this blog, we will give you an in-depth look into some of our other products that were left out.

Metal Roofing –

Metal roofs provide a considerable number of benefits over conventional roofing materials. If properly installed, a metal roof can last for very long, sealing out water, and survive high winds, and easily shed snow. Being resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. Warranties vary widely but most companies back their products for 20 to 50 years. Paint finishes typically have a 30-year limited warranty. The weight compared to the weight of tile at 750 pounds per square or concrete tile at 900 pounds per square metal roofing is very lightweight. Most varieties run from 50 to 150 pounds per square. As metal roof materials are noncombustible, they come with a Class A fire rating. They have heat conduction.

Changing Room Products –

Definitely none of us would like to walk into a changing room having slippery floors or without any clothes lockers which allows you to store your personal belonging and no place to relax and sit. This type of changing facility can leave a bad impression for your business and because of that, it is extremely important for your room to satisfy the requirements of your customers and create a more functional space.  We offer a wide range of quality furniture that is essentially required for your changing room. By realizing this need and requirement of the industry, Dutco Tennant LLC has brought forward it’s own in house fabricated Changing Room Products. What are they? Let’s take a look – Toilet Cubicle, Lockers, and Benches.

Seating Solutions –

For matching up with the diverse seating requirements of the industry like cinema seating, stadium seating, and retractable seating, we have been constantly providing a complete line of solutions. Using wonderful technical features, multi-level platforms that use little space, and offers comfortable seating positions, our seating solutions have been designed. With us, you will be getting a wide range of seating solutions which begins with Airport Seating, Fixed Stadium Seating, Auditorium/Lecture Hall Seating, Retractable Seating, and Bleachers.

Hygienic FRP Wall Cladding –

In collaboration with Crane Composites Inc., we bring to you the world’s leading range of Hygienic Wall Cladding and Ceiling tiles made in FRP: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. The FRP walls from Crane Composites are experts in composite material science, process, and technology with a deep understanding of End-user need to deliver innovative products that outperform traditional building material such as Ceramic, Paint, PVC wall cladding & Acrylic panels, metals and woods. These wall claddings offer unsurpassed strength, Hygiene and durability thanks to its significant sanitary features that include: resistance to mold, mildew, bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, will not rot or corrode, stain resistance, sanitary finish, low maintenance cost, and easy installation.

Architectural Finishing Products tactile indicators –

Made from several materials, the tactile indicators are installed onto the ground surface consisting of a series of raised Strips and Studs. The purpose of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) is to assist pedestrians who are blind, or who have vision impairment with a warning of hazards and directional information to aid navigate the sidewalks of the roads and the sidewalks of Public Buildings. By aligning the raised Strips and Studs pattern of the Tactile Indicators on the ground surface, enabling blind pedestrians to feel the textural changes through their feet or with a cane, these systems work.

So this was a brief look into everything which the Architectural Finishing Products division of Dutco Tennant LLC can offer you. For more insights and product details please check out our website or contact us.

Contact us to receive best offers for  Architectural Finishing Products : +9714-2152799

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Advantages of our supplied Flooring Products

Flooring Products-interiors

A lot of factors are underlying when considering the design of a space but among them, flooring is often ignored. But flooring is actually one of the most important elements for any building and it influences a lot of factors which will ultimately leave an impact on whether space was a success or not. Simply because of the wrong or extremely impractical flooring finish, several beautiful spaces despite existing, don’t function the way they should. It is extremely important to understand that though our first interaction with space is a visual one, the first physical contact for any person will always have to be with the flooring. And as a leading flooring products supplier in the Middle East, Dutco Tennant LLC understands this necessity very much.

So what are the purposes served by flooring? Well, firstly it affects the design of your home. Whenever someone enters a room, their impression of a space can subconsciously be affected by floors. As the floor lies underfoot and takes over a wide real estate in any space, it significantly affects the aesthetic of your home. You can make your space instantly warmer, cooler, larger, more intimate, smaller, more luxe, and cozier with the help of flooring. Flooring also improves or hampers the functionality of your home. For instance imagine you are rolling out a bed on a cool day to sink your toes into a silky or soft plush carpet, or having an expensive and very delicate floor. This will automatically impact the way you are experiencing your home. Flooring can also affect acoustics in an office or family room, allowing you to enjoy family time or work time. It can make it very much easy to walk around barefoot or in slippers. It can help you to save up on your heating bills by making your feet warmer and more comfortable. The way you behave in your home is directly impacted by your floors. The architectural finishing products impact the health of your home. If you are suffering from allergies or conditions which makes you aware of indoor air quality, you will need to think about the choices of your floor. Some flooring is better at resting the buildup of common allergens like particulate matter, dander, and dust. Apart from that, choosing floors fitting your lifestyle is important. Because of which suppliers of flooring products in Dubai will always ask you about your willingness to spend capital and time on cleaning. Some flooring is designed specifically to be very easy to clean while some types are designed to last for a long time so you will not have to redo your floors as often. Floors also affect the value of your home. Beautiful floors make your home more inviting and can also increase the value. They can even also help to make your space more attractive to buyers.

If you are searching for a prolific flooring and architectural products supplier in the Middle East and UAE region, then Dutco Tennant LLC should be the perfect choice for you. We are highly renowned for supplying the most high-class range of products and have earned a name for yourselves in the field of supplying innovative flooring solutions. For all types of your projects, Dutco Tennant is always there to provide high class, advanced solutions to meet the demands of its customers. We can also offer custom made of a variety of materials that are extremely durable, easy to clean, and consequently suitable to be used in heavily used residential areas and depends on the wear and tear rating is also suitable for commercial use. Our solutions are designed to offer high benefits and are based on modern technology. Our supplied range of flooring solutions has been exclusively designed from handpicked materials that are healthy to use everywhere whether it is a residential area, office area, or any other place. Throughout the entire process of construction, strict quality controls measures are employed for ensuring value creation at every step. This value creation chain ensures that our supplies are harmless for both human life and the environment, and are suitable for use in every setting. For instance, our carpet flooring solutions create surfaces that feel extremely warm to the feet. They are also suitable for ensuring pleasant room acoustics, and are extremely easy to wash & clean, and consequently perfectly appropriate for households with children and pets. Many of our supplied architectural finishing products and flooring solutions have been designed by utilizing special surface coatings that resist the effects of dirt and infection-causing bacteria. The flooring solutions support material offers increased swell protection, which makes them suitable to be used anywhere in the home area. Because of the composition of the products they are suitable for use anywhere in the room and therefore they can be perfectly used in damp areas as well. Our entire product line is perfectly suited for installing underfloor heating systems. All of these flooring products are highly desirable and in demand. We have been offering our impressive line of flooring products for Healthcare, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Factories, and others. We have raised the access floor for use in commercial office buildings, substations, data centers, computer labs, electrical rooms, security rooms, banks, and other offices.

So if you are searching for an advanced range of flooring products in the Middle East and UAE region then definitely check out our extensive product range.

Contact us to get the wide range of flooring products : +9714-2152799

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Design your interiors with the most advanced range of Flooring Products

Flooring Products

While designing a space, importance is given on so many factors that flooring is often left out or ignored. Not many people, feel the need for planning and designing the flooring right from the initial inception of concept sketches and drawings. Flooring is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in any buildings and it influences so many factors that will ultimately decide that if the designing of the space was a success or not. Just because of a bad floor design, mane spaces do not exist or function as they should just because of faulty or bad floor finish. A lot depends on your flooring products. Right from entering any interior, the first thing which you or your visitors will be stepping on is your floors. It offers the utmost comfort, along with acoustic properties. But it is not just limited here, it offers ease of handling the cables of your facility, offers acoustic properties, and also determines the mood of the room. By realizing all these important and needs for flooring products, we from Dutco Tennant LLC, bring to you an extensive range of flooring products.

Being one of the most renowned flooring products suppliers in the region which has earned a good name in the field of supplying innovative flooring solutions in the Middle East and GCC region, we bring to you a wide range of solutions from the most renowned names of the region. For supplying the most innovative flooring solutions, Dutco Tennant is always there for offering rich in class and advanced solutions, that meet the demands of the customers. We offer flooring solutions that can be made out of a wide range of materials and are very durable, they are easy to clean and are consequently suitable for heavily used residential areas, and depending on the wear and tear rating can also be used for commercial use. Our flooring solutions are designed for giving high benefits and are based on contemporary technology.

Advantages offered by our flooring products –

All of our flooring products are designed exclusively from handpicked materials that are suitable for use in any place whether it is a residential area, office area, or any other place. Throughout the construction process, we adhere to strict quality control measures that are employed for ensuring value creation chain which guarantees that our supplies remain harmless for the environment and people and are suitable for use in all types of settings. So let us give you an overview of the different types of Flooring Products that we offer –

Raised Access Flooring

Raised access flooring is a floor that sits on top of the existing floor and leaves space underneath for cables, ducting, and others. It has become a popular choice for offices and other workplaces due to its modular and customizable options. You can get them in several styles and solutions when it comes to raised access flooring. Our offered ones are – Calcium Sulphate Core, Chipboard core, Cementitious Core and Raised Terrace Supports.

Carpet Flooring

A soft floor covering that is made up of bound carpet fibers or stapled fibers which typically comprises of an upper layer of pile attached to backing is known as carpet floors. With carpet flooring, you will get the right balance of safety, comfort, performance, and aesthetic pleasure. Our carpet floors have the right combination of better design solid color and multi-line stripes. For carpet flooring we have, a lot of options like Carpet Tiles, Broadloom Carpet, and Prayer Room Carpet.

Vinyl Flooring

This undoubtedly a great flooring solution. An unbelievable floor is constructed by the Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) or Luxury Vinyl planks along with their superior and modern techniques. A touch of resiliency is added to the floors by vinyl flooring that reduces the collision effect of the heavy objects as it creates a cushion on the floors and reduces slipping accidents.

For all your needs of flooring products in the Middle East, please contact us to get the most advanced range of solutions.

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Reopen your facilities post-COVID-19 while following the best practices

Watts - Open Safe Promotion

The past few months have been really tough, the COVID-19 situation has created a worldwide panic and chaos and have also created a mess. Now slowly all of us are trying to go back to normal and starting to open our facilities and businesses again. Business owners and government officials also have an eagerness to go back to our normal lives during early 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak is showing signs of slowing down, but a new risk is also prevalent which the risk of reopening dormant buildings with stagnant water systems. Many weeks of low flow, zero flow, and tempered water can result in leaching heavy metals, microbiological growth, and corrosion within our plumbing systems. As you all know that WATTS is the global leader in offering best in class water solutions for industrial, residential, commercial and municipal settings, their offered solutions are hugely focused on HVAC, drainage and plumbing, flow control and hot water. They have committed to serving as a resource for commercial businesses as slowly buildings are beginning to reopen their doors.

In order to maintain, water safety and quality in plumbing systems of completely unused or slightly used buildings, a summary of steps should be taken by building water management which is defined by several industry experts and organizations like the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals (IAPMO) and others. Watts is here to talk about some important points which are required to be followed in order to make the reopening process entirely safe.

Planning –

  • List out the protection measures which are required to be taken by visitors and staff.
  • Hire or consult a water quality expert.
  • Discuss with the technicalities with our local water utility.

Prepare a map of your plumbing system

Sketch out the building water system to the best of your ability before the initial flush and identify the low-use water outlets. In a unidirectional process that starts at the point-of-entry, or your water supply, map out your flushing regime to the peripheral distal points and also point of use outlets like showerheads and faucets. The water supply is often designed in zones and branches in large buildings like the different wings. Conventionally, each wing or set of branches are served by the same riser. You should always begin with the outlet that is closest to the water supply while you are mapping out your plumbing systems and gradually proceed to the most distal outlets. The flushing regime should include the entire recirculating loop along this route, all associated equipment and appliances, both cold and hot water, eyewash stations, therapy pools, water features, showerheads, ice machines, hot tubs, and all outlets including faucets.

Create a flushing and cleaning regime

Flushing clear out the low-quality accumulates water which has arrived during low uses and replaces it with fresh rich quality water from the municipal supply. This makes it very important. The loss of protective scale along with biofilm growth which emerged while the water was stagnant. These conditions proliferate the growth of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens which creates an environment of heightened risk for those who have compromised immune systems. Proper flushing is a multi-step process that includes initial flush, sequenced flushing, testing and monitoring, cleaning of fixtures and equipment, and additional flushing is also required. Before resuming normal building operations, initial flushing and cleaning need to be completed. Sooner you start the flushing, the better it will be. If it is possible, you need to have your staff starting the flush now even if the reopening of the building date is still unknown. The more early, the flushing regime is initiated, the sooner will the water quality return to it’s normal. Before flushing, you can conduct appropriate training for staff and also provide them with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

If you are planning to reopen your building facilities in the Middle East, then call us as we along with WATT can provide you further help and all types of consultation and services.

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What are Penstocks and what are their uses?

Stainless Steel Penstocks


Penstocks are used for controlling the flow of liquids and consist of a descending door that is controlled by an automatically operated spindle. Though the traditional cast iron and ductile iron penstock gates are quite popular, Dutco Tennant LLC supply several standard ranges which cover a broad variety of sizes, types, and operating conditions. The extensive wealth of experience that we have in this domain offers us the capability in delivering penstocks for any duty or size. The main application for a sewage stop log gate is to control the flow of liquid and isolation of fluids in the wastewater networks and sewage treatment plants. The advanced range of penstock that we offer is designed to support a wide variety of tasks. It is important to be able to select the penstock to match your work requirement, as we try to satisfy the design criteria and provide the most cost-effective solution.

Penstocks are permanents water gates that control the flow of water from one area to the next that can be adjusted manually depending on the desired flow. They are mainly used on Waterways, Power Plants, Industrial Effluent Plants, Hydro Power, Sewerage/Wastewater Treatment Plants, Drainage and Flood Control. Our supplied range of penstocks are made up of steel and offers considerable benefits over other materials like –

Operational –

Our offered range is considerably lighter than others which results in easy installation with no required grout between frame and wall.

Environmental –

Steel is UV stable and does not becomes brittle in direct sunlight. The units are made with pure materials and are completely recyclable. They provide a much lower carbon footprint.

Maintenance –

Our offered products require very much less lubrication between the frame and the door that offers a longer life product. The range has leakage rates that are less than both BS 7775 and DIN. 19569-4 class 5.

Unlike valves, penstocks are normally fitted into or onto the civil structure framework either in channels or over an aperture in a wall. Dutco Tennant LLC has a wide range of penstocks and stops logs which are completely suitable for sewage applications having the ability to make bespoke on quick lead times.

Features –

  •         Lightweight range of penstocks
  •         Available – wall, sidewall or channel mounted
  •         Easy and quick installation – no need for grout between frame and wall
  •         Materials are corrosion resistant
  •         Robust and rigid construction
  •         UV stable
  •         Fully recyclable
  •         Little to no maintenance required

Dutco Tennant LLC for more than four decades has been serving customers in the Middle East and GCC region. Being the number one penstock supplier in the Gulf region, with us you will get a wide range of stainless steel made penstocks using the newest technology. Our penstocks have been meticulously designed to prevent seal drag and to minimize wear and tear. We are glad to have been a part of several high profile projects in the Middle East and GCC region. We have supplied sewage water penstock to a large number of projects in these countries: UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. But our line of solutions is not just limited to Penstocks, with us you will be able to get a whole wide range of Sewage and Potable Water Solutions.

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Construction Specialities

Dutco's Construction Specialities

A combination of products and services for construction, infrastructure and industrial segments.

The real estate and building industry of the Middle East and UAE region has been at the forefront of exponential development and from the last few decades, the country has witnessed the rise of some of the biggest architectural giants of the world. For this exponentially growing building and construction projects in the area, it is required to be supported by a solution provider who can provide an advanced range of products required for the development of those projects. Dutco Tennant LLC’s construction specialties segment comprises a portfolio of products and services for several industrial and engineering segments like infrastructure, construction and industrial segments, and for our exceptional product range, we have been hailed as a leader in Dubai construction specialties.

From us, you can get a huge range of commercial construction specialties products like vinyl floor tiles, commercial flooring, raised floor, carpet flooring, commercial carpet, vinyl floor tiles, vinyl laminate flooring, rubber flooring, rubber floor tiles, and others. We can assist you with solutions for building expansion joint covers and entrance matting systems along with metal products. The countries of the Middle East and GGC region have been witnessing a lot of growth in the residential complexes, education, healthcare, education, fitness, and leisure projects. To support and assist those projects we offer our advanced range of solutions for a lot of turnkey sport and health projects for the leisure industry such as sports surfacing for indoor and outdoor areas, gym flooring, kids play/gym/sports equipment, seamless flooring solutions for children’s play area, seating arrangements for the stadium and public area seating. For satisfying the requirements of our customer needs we also offer a line of value-added services comprising of seating solutions for Auditorium Cinema seating, Airports, Lecture halls, and other seating applications for the public. In construction Specialities division, our product offerings have been divided into two wide divisions –

Flooring Products

We provide unputdownable construction flooring products to make your floors aesthetic yet comfortable and safe. Our supplied range of flooring solutions has been designed exclusively from handpicked materials that are suitable to use in any place whether it is a residential area, office area, or any other place. Throughout the entire construction process, we follow strict quality control measures for ensuring value creation and every step. This value creation change guarantees that our supplies remain completely harmless for the people and the environment and are suitable for use in every scenario. With our extensive product offerings, we have earned the recognition of a leading flooring product supplier in the region.

Subdivisions of our flooring products –

  •  Raised Access Flooring – These false flooring products and raised floor panels have been designed keeping in mind the continuously developing requirements of the new age workspace.
  • Carpet Flooring – We have been providing prayer room carpets for all around Dubai and Gulf regions, and our commercial carpets are comfortable to sit and walk on. Our products can be supplied quickly and undergo faster installation.
  • Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl Floorings are ideal for heavy traffic applications like the healthcare industry, retail, and educational avenues. Dutco Tennant LLC is your reliable flooring solutions provider in the Middle East and the GCC region.
  • Rubber FlooringRubber flooring provides ample opportunities to accompany whatever area of the building you are trying to enhance from the workout room to an enduring surface for a kid’s playroom. We are one of the most popular providers of rubber flooring solutions in the Middle East and Gulf region.
  • Safety Flooring – Safety flooring solutions protect the floor from wear & tear, chemicals, oils & greases, drainage, and provide fatigue resistance too. Our rubber safety flooring solutions are available at very reasonable prices and are best in quality.
  • Acoustic Flooring – With a special focus on Acoustic floor-filling and soundproof floor solutions, we have a brilliant reputation for providing inventive solutions that solve various commercial and residential projects’ acoustic requirements.

Architectural Finishing Products

Our Architectural Finishing Products range deals with a comprehensive, high quality, ground-breaking and hard-wearing range of Expansion joint profiles, Roofing tiles, Stair nosing Profiles, Entrance mat, Finishing profiles, Access Doors & Hatches. These products are highly reliable and cost-effective and have been designed to offer you maximum functionality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional toughness.

So if you are working or planning on an ongoing or future building and construction projects in the Middle East and GCC region then you need assistance from a reputed construction specialties company and Dutco Tennant LLC is the best choice for you.

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Dutco Tennant LLC

Offering excellent solutions for more than four decades

Industrial Solution Provider

Dutco Tennant LLC as you all know is the most trusted and reputed supplier of quality engineering and industrial solutions in the Middle East and UAE region. For more than four decades, we have been supplying incredible solutions for a wide range of industry verticals ranging from construction to networking to electrical and have established a good company profile for ourselves. We have been supplying our solutions to a high profile list of corporate and government clients and has contributed to the creation of world-class private and public infrastructures such as water and wastewater projects, airports, exhibition centers, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, universities and offices around the Middle East and GCC region.

What makes us different from the rest and has kept us maintain our growth is the outstanding amount of quality and reliability we provide to our clients. We feel that the demands for modern-day engineering products and solutions for several engineering and industrial projects are always changing. And to meet all of these ever-changing demands from our clients we are a company that is always in a growing state. We have been able to achieve our fame and create a good company profile that has a great market presence around the world who meet the ever-evolving, newer demands of our customers. We actively collaborate with different contractors and suppliers for the supply of full-spectrum business solutions so that we may fulfill the ever-increasing demand for top-quality engineering products. We keep our focus aligned and pledged to excellence through environmentally friendly and socially-responsible solutions. We believe that our job doesn’t just end after a successful delivery but that is the point from where the beginning of a relationship happens. We uphold high standards of performance because we want to establish a long-term and competitive position in the market in which we operate. Dutco Tennant LLC works closely with its partners, manufacturers, and contractors to supply products that envisage more well-organized and sustainable uses of industrial resources.

We operate our business from Dubai, but there are several other areas in the Middle East and GCC region where you can find us at. Here is a brief list to help you find us –

For UAE –

  1. DUBAI
  • UAE (Head Office) -Dubai

          Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.
          Call – +9714-2152799 Fax – +9714 2236193
          Email – info@dutcotennant.com

  • Dutco Tennant Warehouse

          Dubai Industrial City (DIC)
          Warehouse No: R11
          Call – 04-5135110 Fax -04-5135104 & 04-5135098

  1. Abu Dhabi

         P.O. Box 2534, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Breeching Inlets

Breaching Inlets


Importance of Breeching Inlets for your fire safety

When you are designing or working on a new building project, then you must devote a huge part of your budget and attention to creating a fire safety plan. Making a fire safety plan does not just means installing some sprinkles here and there along with some fire alarms. When you are working on such a project, then you should keep in mind that you are dealing with the safety of several people and the entire business. No one can predict a fire hazard as they can happen at any time due to any accidental fault. So, the best way to prevent this evil to arise and cause destruction is to take the necessary precautions beforehand. For that, you will need much more than just some sprinklers and it is best to opt for a professional expert like Dutco Tennant LLC. We supply the most advanced range of breeching inlet in the Middle East and UAE.

So what are these Breeching Inlets and why should you use them? They are installed outside the building or any easily accessible area in the building which makes it easier for the fire brigade personnel to access the inlet. Fire brigade personnel access the waterline using it. Normally it remains dry but is used by pump water by charging using fire fighting equipment. Fire brigade breeching inlet should definitely be installed in a building fitted with inlet connection at Civil Defense access level and outlet connection at specified points, which is normally dry but capable of being charged with water by pumping from fire service appliances. Normally there are two types of inlet breeching available, one is 2-way another is 4-way. The 2-way version has 2 x 2½” Instantaneous male non-return valve inlets and a 4″ outlet while the  4-way inlet breeching has 4 x 2½” Instantaneous male non-return valve inlets and a 6 outlet along with 1″ drain valve.

Breeching inlets are mostly suitable for installation on dry risers only. They are manufactured with care for complying with safety standards comprising of male instantaneous connections, drain valves, and non-return valves. The breeching inlets and its fittings are suitable for a normal working pressure of 10 bar. Materials which are used for manufacturing the breeching inlets conforms to the standard requirement. The body is cast out from spheroidal graphite iron and the inlets are made of gunmetal and copper alloy parts with bronze spring, stainless steel locknut, washer, etc. The inside part of the breeching inlet bodies is coated with “black” epoxy cold tar paint which is a good anti-corrosion protection. The inlet blank caps are rubber with chrome chain. You can also get Brass or gunmetal blank caps from us upon request.

Features :

  • Body material made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile Iron)
  • Inlet connection and non-return valves material made of copper alloy.
  • Each inlet connection is fitted with a non-return valve and of spring-loaded mushroom type.
  • Each breeching inlet is painted RED internally and externally.
  • Compact and elegant design with excellent flow characteristics.
  • High-quality casting finishes.
  • Corrosion-resistant and quality materials used for durability, long-life, and efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free.
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