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Business Technology Solutions

Technology is making things easier, better and smarter. With new ideas and inventions sprawling up every now and then, the problems that we used to face in the past are decreasing and we are getting more efficiency with less effort. Your business can also get smarter and better with the implementation of quality business technology solutions. Now the next thing that strikes your mind is what technologies to implement for your business? Where to get all the best solutions from? And a lot of other things. Well stop worrying, we have got you covered.

Get all the latest and advanced quality Business Technology Solutions from the leading brands of the world from Dutco Tennant LLC. Our specially curated product range includes the best technology solutions, services, and products from greatly reputed vendors. We offer top-class Audio Solutions, Master Clock System, Security Solutions, Digital Signage & Video Wall and Lighting Solutions. You can check out these segments and choose the solution which suits you the best and implement them in your business to make it smarter. Dutco Tennant LLC brings innovative technology, capabilities, and talent from across the globe to enable you to thrive. Our business technology solutions offer consulting and professional services for expert advice and support to define and deliver a strategy and roadmap to success. These services provide benefit to your business with our decades of experience and global expertise. Our tried and tested best practices strategies optimize and empower your business to thrive.

Products in Audio Solutions include Speakers, Amplifier, Invisible Speaker, Digital Signal processor, and more. Master Clock System has Analogue clocks, Large Clocks, Digital Outdoor Clocks, Digital Indoor Clocks, and more. Security Solutions include Access Control System, Scanners & Detectors, Intercom system, and more. Digital Signage & Video Wall includes Digital Signage, Video Wall, Room Booking System, Wayfinding, and more. Lighting Control & Solutions include Guest Room Management System, Lighting Control & Dimming System, and Intelligent and Stand-Alone Sensor.

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Answering all your question for RTC360 Laser Scanner

Leica’s RTC 360 Laser Scanner has paced up the field of 3D reality capture like never before. With its smart portable design, small and lightweight built it is compact enough to fit into your backpack easily. Additionally, due to its one-button operation, it offers a hassle-free use with better, crisp, and high-quality scans that are rich in detail and ready for use in a range of applications.

There may be some common questions which are revolving inside your head regarding this 3d laser scanner, so here we are answering all your common questions in this blog.

Who can use the Leica RTC360?

This spectacular product is focused to bring accurate data capture to those who are not scanning experts, with straightforward and highly automated workflows in mind and is the ideal choice for those working in plants, building construction and public safety. Due to its amazing features of real-time quality assurance and comprehensive checks alongside automatic pre-registration, the process gets faster and simplified and ultimately increases efficiency with reduced costs and increased profits.

What is the edge computing feature?

With Edge Computing, real-time scans are streamed to mobile devices allowing faster access and efficient data analysis. The automatic processing of the scan data is done to deliver real-time data registration and quality control in the field.

Difference between RTC 360, P40 and BLK360

The exemplary range of Leica P40 &  P50 ScanStations is highly suitable for 3d laser scanning buildings where the highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging along with workflows and extremely accurate results are required. The P40 is built with a focus on durability and performs exceptionally under the harshest conditions like in extreme temperatures of – 20°C to + 50°C and conforms with the IP54 rating for water and dust resistance. The P50 delivers superior measurement range and is the instrument of choice when covering larger areas.

The handheld laser scanner, Leica BLK360 is best suited for modest reality capture where 3D data capture is leveraged more over images. This device is suitable for outdoors but is ideally used for short-range indoor applications and requires greater portability. It is very easy to use and can be easily used by those who are not familiar with laser scanning.

The need gap between the ScanStations and BLK360 is met by RTC360 due to its accessibility and scalability beside providing its own solution class for construction, public safety, and plants

More about RTC360

Each and every day, the use of 3D scanning for reverse engineering is becoming hugely popular because of its precise results achievable and the ease of use and RTC360 makes it much faster than ever before. It is possible for colored 3D point clouds to be completed under 2 minutes because of the advanced HDR imaging system and a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second. Adding to that, automated targetless field registration and automated data transfer from site to office reduces the time spent in the field and increases productivity.

So with RTC360, gets a small, lightweight, extremely portable yet highly efficient laser scanning results for all your projects. Contact us now to get personalised quotes and other details.

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Benefits of using Activated Carbon Filter in Sewage Treatment

Activated Carbon Filter

Sewage treatment is one of the most important wastewater treatment processes. The municipal wastewater consists of waste liquid from households and industries and to cause less harm to the environment in which it is discharged, this waste is treated.

In basic sewage treatment, mainly three segments are involved which are – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Treatments. In the primary treatment, the sedimentation process is involved to remove contaminants, in the secondary treatment, the biological process is used to treat the settled sewage while the tertiary process is the final stage which improves the quality of the effluent.

When it comes to the absorption of contaminants from water, activated carbon is highly effective. This process basically involves the absorption of unwanted contaminants from waste-water. Initially, activated carbon is treated with oxygen which helps the charcoal to open up millions of tiny pores. Carbon absorbs micropollutants like chlorine, methane, organic compounds, and even the taste and odor of water.

Due to the large surface area of Activated carbon filter, it is highly effective for absorbing contaminants from wastewater. It removes chlorine from wastewater. The chlorine removal process fills the wide pores of the carbon and hence gradually impurities are removed.

Apart from this, the carbon in the activated carbon filter process also absorbs organic compounds. The capacity of this process depends on the physical properties of the surface area of the activated carbon, the amount of hydrogen and oxygen contains the concentration level of the impurities, duration of the treatment and also the pH level of the water used.

Also as a pre-treatment process in other waste treatment processes, the activated carbon filter processes can be used, like in ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis process. With the combination of activated carbon and ozonation, micropollutants can be easily removed. It also increases the life span of activated carbon filters.

Benefits of Using Activated Carbon Filter 

  • 90% efficiency rate to absorb contaminants
  • Easy to operate the filtration process
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Removes chlorine, organics, bad taste, and odor effectively
  • Cost effective – reduced installation cost
  • Operating costs – limited to filter replacement
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Best to remove large organic molecules
  • Can be used in households as well as at wastewater treatment plants

Moreover, Activated Carbon Filter is ideal for removing pollutants from water using the absorption process and is a relatively low-cost operation which is highly effective for removing unwanted contaminants from wastewater.

Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the widely recognized wastewater treatment suppliers in UAE who are experts in supplying all our needs for a compact and effective wastewater treatment plant. Contact us today to get quotes for your requirements.

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Life at Dutco Tennant LLC

It is generally considered that working in the core engineering sector is extremely bland and boring, but not here at Dutco Tennant LLC where we always consider breaking stereotypes. Since the last four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been supplying a wide range of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical for the last four decades.

Currently, we are doing business all over the Middle East and GCC region and we feel glad to have made a place of trust inside the hearts of thousands of people due to our exemplary range of products. But above all this, we value our employees because they are the driving force behind our success. We believe that there can be no work without fun as the famous quote – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We always encourage our employees to get out of their desks and indulge in extracurricular activities like Flash MoB, indoor games, sports, music, workshops, and many other fun activities. This keeps our team charged up and motivated to work with more dedication. So at Dutco Tennant LLC, it can be assured that there is always fun at every corner of our office.

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