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Find out an impressive range of Material Testing Solutions from Atlas @ARABLAB

ARABLAB focuses on pioneering solutions and innovations in analytical instrumentation and laboratory technology which is a field that is continuously growing and changing and has become very important worldwide. Each year, it attracts over 1,000 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors and provides a massive opportunity to all the visitors to explore the newest technologies of Medical & Pharmaceutical, Scientific Instruments, Research & Development, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Natural & Organic industries. Dutco Tennant LLC has been visiting this excellent exhibition for a very long time to allows its viewers to have an in-depth look at the newly revamped product range.

For over a decade, Atlas has been pioneering innovations in a way by which companies test the durability of their products. Since the first day till present, they have kept their focus the same which is to provide customers with sophisticated technology and advanced testing solutions for determining the longevity of their products that helps them to achieve a quality product, a competitive edge, a faster time to market. Atlas’s exquisite product range is supplied to the Middle East by Dutco Tennant LLC. At this year’s ARABLAB exhibition, we invite you to indulge in an exceptional product demonstration where our experts will be talking about Atlas’s range of Material Testing and Characterization systems.

UVTest Fluorescent / UV Instrument

For fluorescent UV and condensation weathering test methods, Atlas UVTest is an economical and ideal weathering instrument. This instrument utilizes UVA-340, UVB-313, or UVA-351 fluorescent bulbs for a wide range of applications. Simple operation and control are provided by the touch screen in several languages and it also has patented irradiance ports for safe calibration not offered on competitive fluorescent UV testers.

Features –

  • Fluorescent UV lamps (8) – 40 W (UVA-340, UVB-313, UVA-351)
  • Black Panel Temperature (BPT) Control
  • Door safety and over-temperature shutoff
  • CE compliance and UL & CSA certified
  • Specimen Holders
  • Multi-language Touch screen display
  • Irradiance calibration safety access ports
  • Ergonomically designed specimen retaining rings


SUNTEST instruments are compact material test chambers for accelerated lightfastness and weathering testing which is based on filtered Xenon lamp technology. All the SUNTEST chambers offer a horizontal test plane which is highly useful for testing 3D specimens. The lightfastness testing aims at testing material under solar radiation and temperature only. This range comprises of –

SUNTEST XXL+ which has an extra-large test chamber for standard lightfastness and weathering testing suitable for testing of 3D specimens, the SUNTEST XXL+ FB which is mostly used for testing Consumer Goods, Food & Beverages, and Packaging. SUNTEST XXL+ ST is designed for testing automotive exterior/interior parts according to SAE standards. SUNTEST CPS+ the original benchtop xenon and the SUNTEST XLS+ that provides twice the exposure area of the CPS+ and is used for 3D Specimen testing.

Corrosion Cabinets

Atlas’s corrosion cabinets meet most international, OEM and related test standards when equipped with the appropriate options and accessories. For over the last four decades, they have been offering one of the broadest and most comprehensive corrosion testing product lines in the industry that is supported by global-local technical service.


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Perceive Atomic Layer Deposition Systems from Annealsys live

Globally renowned as MENA’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology and instrumentation trade fair, ARABLAB has a global influence and significance. This exciting event links the international laboratory and analytical industry with representatives of diverse sectors ranging from agriculture, through forensics and security, to robotics and automation. It works as an exciting platform to witness some of the most amazing range of technologies that can help you to upgrade your projects easily. Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the most reputed suppliers of high-quality Science and Technology products in the area, has been participating at ARABLAB to showcase it’s newest products to all of our visitors.

Annealsys is a globally leading manufacturer of RTP and DLI – CVD/DLI – Atomic Layer Deposition Systems for research production applications in the field of silicon and compound semiconductors, nanotechnologies, MEMS, solar cells, glass, etc. Their customers are mainly Research and Development laboratories and companies for production applications. Annealsys was established in 2004 and since then they have been providing outstanding technical and process customer service through a worldwide sales and service organization. Annealsys’s extensive range of products is supplied in the Middle East by Dutco Tennant LLC.

At this year’s ARABLAB, we invite you to explore an advanced range of Material Testing and Characterization solutions.

Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) deposition systems

Direct Liquid Injection of Annealsys uses state of the art DLI vaporizers that allow the utilization of low vapor pressure and thermally unstable chemical precursors. They develop processes for the deposition of multi-metallic oxides, metal, transition metal nitrides layers and also 2D materials including graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). From Annealsys you can get machines for substrates up to 50mm, 10mm or 200mm diameter. These exceptional DLI deposition systems offer multiprocess capabilities inside the same process chamber: DLI-CVD, DLI-ALD, MOCVD, pulse pressure CVD and even in-situ rapid thermal processing (RTP) for the MC-050.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems

Atomic layer deposition systems are used for depositing a wide range of thin-film materials from the vapor phase of matter. The system engages alternating pulses of gaseous precursors that interact with the substrate. Annealsys delivers comprehensive services and versatile, turnkey systems that are accessible, affordable and accurate to the atomic scale. With their massive expertise in thin film deposition, they have brought forward a plethora of products namely Savannah, Phoenix, and Fiji.

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Explore world’s leading range of Materials Testing Systems @ARABLAB

The globally leading trade show for the global laboratory and analytical industry ARABLAB is an exciting event where each year over 1000 exhibitors meet with over 10,000 buyers from over 100 countries. This event consistently attracts global buyers, investors and laboratory professionals from a wide variety of industries like forensic science, research solutions, robotics, biotechnology, food testing, and others. It gives the visitors the opportunity to attend free seminars based around seven industry sectors which will discuss the latest innovations and technologies in areas including the environment, specialty, chemicals, biotech, and medical research. Dutco Tennant LLC, being a highly reputed and fast-forwarded company, always looks out to bring out the most updated and advanced range of solutions to cater to the highly evolving industry demands and uses this amazing opportunity to showcase its newest line of products to the visitors.

Walter+bai ag Testing Machines are renowned for supplying a wide range of material testing machines and systems for the safety and quality of materials, industrial products, and buildings. For over 45 years they have been serving the several industrial sectors like automotive and aircraft industry, metal industry, plastic, and rubber industry, the chemical industry, construction industry, biomechanics as well as institutes and universities with their superior product range. With their comprehensive knowledge and engineering capabilities, they offer standard testing machine and also customized solutions which are known all over the world. At ARABLAB 2020, visitors of our stall will be guided about the futuristic range of Material Testing equipment from Walter+bai ag.

Here is a short glimpse at their product range –

Materials Testing Systems

Walter+bai Testing Machines are renowned all over the world as the pacemaker for trendsetting technologies. They are highly essential for the safety and quality of materials, industrial and buildings. This product category comprises of –

  • Static Universal Testing Systems – Used for monotonic tension, compression, flexural, shear, and others.
  • Dynamic & Fatigue Testing – Suitable for dynamic fatigue testing (LCF, HCF, TMF)
  • Axial/ Torsional Test Systems – For static and dynamic biaxial testing.
  • Biaxial Test SystemsBiaxial testing of composites, metals, textiles, biomaterials.
  • Torsional Testing Systems – For determination of shear modulus, modulus of rupture in torsion, and yield strength in shear
  • High Force Systems – High-Force Mechanical Testing is critical for the determination of the mechanical properties of materials.
  • Impact Systems – Impact tests according to CHARPY and IZOD
  • Rotary Bending Testing Machines – Fatigue Strength Testing on Constant Rotating Rods in accordance with Din 50 113
  • Automated Test Systems – used for different testing requirements including tensile tests of metals, composites, plastics, etc.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Systems – Static and Dynamic high-pressure testing systems

Structural & Component Testing

Walter+bai’s extensive range of components and complete systems for testing of structures and components are renowned worldwide. Their product range includes components and complete systems for Civil, Structural, Architectural, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Automotive, Railway, Shipbuilding, Energy and other industries.

This sector comprises of –

Portal Frames & Rigs, Actuator, Hydraulic Power Supplies, Hydraulic Service Manifolds, Hardline Installations, Digital Control System & Software.

Modernization and Upgrade

If you are looking for modernization and upgrading of Electromechanical Systems and Servohydraulic Systems, then Walter+bai is the perfect place to find all your necessities.

Building Material Testing

For Material Testing of building, Walter+bai offers a whole bunch of equipment for Asphalt and Bituminous Testing, Cement Testing, Concrete Testing, Rock Mechanics Testing, Soil Testing, Wood and Timber Testing.

So are excited to know more about all of these exemplary Materials Testing Systems from Walter+bai? Then come visit us at ARABLAB 2020.

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Meet Infors impressive range of biological Research Solutions at ARABLAB 2020

ARABLAB is a unique trade show for the Analytical Industry which reaches buyers from the growth markets such as the Middle East & Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent, as well as China & Asia. It connects people from all over the world and showcases the most updated laboratory and instrumentation equipment from all the leading manufacturers of the world. Since the first edition, the event has represented a base of industries such as chemical engineering, agriculture, robotics and more by attracting a vast number of international visitors. As a responsible supplier of the most advanced range of industrial and engineering products in the Middle East, Dutco Tennant LLC participates in this magnificent event to showcase its most updated range of solutions which are intended to boost up the efficiency of the laboratories of the area.

Infors has developed into an established global business emerging from a small family firm and manufactures cutting edge incubation shakers and bioreactors. Several things have changed since their foundation but the guiding principles remain unchanged. They have maintained their uncomplicated culture and the familiar atmosphere. Their success lies in their guiding pillars of unorthodox ideas, open thinking, creativity and also a bit of irrationality and the commitment to customer service. They always look to cater to the ever-evolving industry demands and by following the trends and cutting edge solutions they bring out the most futuristic range of products every time. Their spectacular range of cell culture incubator, single-use bioreactor, ph sensor, shaking incubator, microplate shaker and others are known all over the world. Their scientific range of products is exclusively supplied in the Middle East by Dutco Tennant LLC.

At ARABLAB 2020, Dutco Tennant LLC and Infors HT will be talking about their newest line of Research Solutions.

Labfors 5

Get introduced with this truly universal bioreactor which is suitable for cell cultures, microorganisms, photographic organisms as well as solid substrates and enzymatic bioprocesses. Your search for an ultimate single-use bioreactor comes to end here as there are no limits to its uses. It offers users with an easy-to-handle, flexible and upgradeable system for culture volumes from 0.5 L up to 10 L. It is always optimized for applications for your microbial or cell culture bioprocesses. Along with that a special LED option also enables the Labfors 5 to cultivate photosynthetic active organisms.

Features –

  • Compact base unit

The Labfors 5 saves valuable bench space as it offers a very low footprint of 465 x 465 mm which is unique for a fully equipped bioreactor.

  • Flexible top-drive stirring system

Both a direct high-power version for microbial application and a sensitive low-speed motor with magnetic coupling for long-time aseptic cell cultures are featured in the Labfors 5 top-drive stirring system.

  • Option for choosing a temperature control system

A single-wall vessel with an electric heating pad and cold finger allows gentle heating and cooling with a maximum temperature of 95°C.

  • It provides more reproducible and accurate results because of its innovative thermodynamic exit gas cooler.


The Multitron is a premium quality microplate shaker which is the perfect choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell structures. It ensures homogenous conditions and delivers reproducible results and offers quality features and performance at every step.

Features –

  • Intelligent Space Saving

The triple-stacked Multitron can be used for 60L of culture despite having a humble footprint. With it’s 3 mm shaking throw option parallelly 23,000 experiments can be conducted.

  • Hailed as the best Multitron ever

With over 50 years of market presence, this revolutionary equipment has been hailed as the best incubation shaker by users over the world for its exceptional performance

  • Un-interrupted online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks

The CGQ offers online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks without taking the flasks out of the incubation shaker.

  • Seamless monitoring and control

The eve bioprocess platform software can easily communicate with the Multitron using Ethernet.


Techfors-S is a revolutionary pilot bioreactor that contains the same components such as bench bioreactors. From pumps via the grassing line to the touch screen controller and the associated software, it has everything. Both beginners, as well as process experts, will easily be able to manage it.

Features –

  • Minimum working volume of 3 liters
  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple yet Flexible
  • Low volume Specialist
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World’s leading range of Thin Film Deposition Solutions comes to ARABLAB


ARABLAB is an exceptional event in the Middle East where the biggest names of Science and Technology converge to make way for a technological miracle to take place. It is one of the most influential exhibitions in the field of laboratory and instrumentation in the world and the tremendous growth in this dynamic industry have led to this trade fair to be counted as one of the most important events of its kind in the UAE. In this event, over thousands of exhibitors from over 100 countries come each year to exhibit their latest products of Science and Technology solutions to the high footfall of over 10,000 buyers.

The pioneers of thin film deposition solutions, Denton Vacuum empowers the optics and R&D markets by manufacturing a leading range of optoelectronic thin film devices that are highly innovative and futuristic. Their solutions help engineers to optimize processes and solve production challenges while improving efficiency and performance at each step. With their continued commitment to research and development of thin film coating they have been able to reach out to a wider audience globally who hail them for their extensive performance and reliability. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies their extensive products to the Middle East and GCC region exclusively and this year at the Middle East Energy, visitors of our stall will be able to witness Denton Vacuum’s leading range of Research Solutions.

So what are the products that you can learn about this year? Let’s find out

Explorer Thin Film Deposition Solution

E-Beam, Magnetron Sputtering & Thermal Evaporation

The explorer is a Thin Film Deposition Products which is a versatile high-vacuum R&D and pilot production platform which gives the ability to be configured for electron beam (e-beam) evaporation, resistance evaporation, or magnetron sputtering. An ion-assisted deposition is available as an option in all three configurations. The Explorer is available in a semi-manual mode or can be upgraded into a fully automatic mode with one-push button automation for reducing system downtime.

Applications –

  • Optical film characterization & design
  • Semiconductor device development
  • CIGS & advanced materials research
  • Advanced electron microscope sample preparation
  • Quality assurance
  • Failure analysis

Phoenix Thin Film Deposition Solution

In-Line Magnetron & PE-CVD Sputtering

High throughput for large volume production is offered by the Phoenix in-line system and it supports both planar and 3D component processing. This magnificent Thin Film Deposition Solution can accommodate RF, AC, DC and pulsed DC sputtering as well as PE-CVD processes, and substrates or pallets up to GEN 3.5 glass size (600mm X 720mm). It conveys a flat pallet or carrier through the system’s linear chambers. The system can be configured with Denton’s proprietary optical process control system or color control system.

Applications –

  • Wafer metallization
  • 3D medical device coatings
  • AR & conductive transparent coatings
  • Front & back contacts for photovoltaics
  • Composite dielectric coatings
  • Discrete & hybrid circuit metallization
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Demonstration of Innovative Education Equipment by Armfield Engineering at ARABLAB

ARABLAB is a prestigious annual event where every year science and innovation converge and make way for the creation of a technological miracle. In this spectacular event, a wide base of industries ranging from innovative education equipment, chemical engineering, agriculture,  robotics, and others are showcased to over 10,000 Visitors. This year, Dutco Tennant LLC invites you to witness our updated line of Training Solutions which are manufactured by our partners Armfield.

Since the 1960s, Armfield Engineering has been a proud, independent and responsible provider of laboratory testing training solutions and due to their highly reliable product range, Armfield has earned a leading position in the worldwide market as a supplier of innovative education equipment and industrial research & development equipment for Food, pharmaceutical and industry labs.

Armfield has successfully built its reputation with its commitment to providing quality products and services while randomly responding to international needs for innovative and accurate educational and industrial equipment. With Armfield, you can be assured to get the highest quality solutions.

At ARABLAB 2020, Armfield will be demonstrating its latest line of laboratory testing training solutions.

EF-WS Workstation

EF-WS Workstation comes under EF Series – Engineering Fundamentals. This amazing workstation is ideal to be used as a demonstration platform at the front of the classroom and also works up as a storage unit for the experiment trays and EF-BU Base Units. It is fitted with castors which enables it to be easily moved between locations. This exemplary laboratory testing training solution comes with a wide range of benefits.

Features and Benefits –

  • Ability to store both the experiment trays and Base Units
  • The workstation can be configured to store:
  • Up to 12 Base Units and a maximum of 18 trays (2 Base Units occupy the space of 1 Tray)
  • 12 Base Units and 12 trays
  • 18 trays if storing no Base Units
  • Flat top can be used as a demonstration platform.
  • Castors allow the workstation and its contents to be easily moved between locations

F1-13-Flow Over Weir

The Flow Over Weirs accessory comprises of five basic elements which are used in conjunction with the flow channel, in the moulded benchtop of the Hydraulics Bench. Two weir plates of different shapes are provided which enables familiarisation and comparison with theory. On an instrument carrier, a vernier hook and a point gauge are mounted which is located on the side channels of the moulded top. The rectangular notch weir or V notch weir to be tested is clamped to the weir carrier in the channel by thumb nuts.

Applications –

  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a rectangular notch
  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a V notch
  • Determining the coefficient of discharge

BE2 Chromatography Unit

Chromatography is a widely used separation process in the chemical and biochemical engineering fields. This highly selective process is capable of separating components of similar physical and chemical properties. The BE2 has a benchtop unit onto which two borosilicate glass chromatography columns of 250mm long, 10mm diameter are mounted. Both of them are equipped with adjustable end pieces for enabling different bed heights to be investigated. Each column have septum injectors on top which enable the introduction of a sample into the column surface and they are fed by a three-channel peristaltic pump of an eight-roller design in order to give smooth flow. At Arablab, you can get a demonstration of this spectacular range of chemical laboratory training solutions live.

Armfield Engineering at Arablab 2020

Features and Benefits –

  • Understanding the principles and practices of liquid chromatography, including:
  • Column packing
  • Sample application
  • Column development
  • Analysis and fraction collection
  • Understanding the factors affecting the separation performance
  • Understanding protein concentration measurement through UV assays
  • Detailed teaching exercises are included to demonstrate to students the important aspects of size-exclusion (gel-filtration) chromatography

Thus, Armfield Engineering is ruling the world in the field of innovative education equipment and industrial research & development equipment for Food, pharmaceutical and industry labs.

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Presenting an advanced range of Spectrometers for the Middle East at ARABLAB

ARABLAB is the promising event of the Middle East where the biggest companies from all over the world gather to showcase their newest range of science and innovation products. This event represents a base of industries like chemical engineering, agriculture, robotics and more by attracting a vast number of international visitors. At this year’s event, professionals from the entire world will come together and demonstrate their newest range of laboratory products and educate the visitors about the newest trends. Dutco Tennant LLC will allow its visitors to have a glance at the most advanced range of Elemental & Spectroscopy solutions which will prove to be highly beneficial for project owners.

Bruker allows scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Their high-quality performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions help scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. Bruker is enabling innovation, productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, and in microscopy, nano-analysis and industrial applications. Their prestigious range of spectrometers is demanded by customers from all over the world due to their optimal performance. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies the exceptional product range of Bruker in the Middle East exclusively. This year at ARABLAB, Dutco and Bruker look forward to introducing you to the next-gen Spectrometers.

Handheld /  XRF  Portable Spectrometers

Handheld X-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzers are capable to quantify or qualify nearly any element from Magnesium to uranium, depending on specific instrument configurations. The Portable XRF Spectrometers helps you to take the battery operated analyzer to the sample rather than bringing the sample into the lab. This proves extremely useful when the test specimen is large and heavy or requires to be analyzed in-situ.

Application areas –

  • Food Analyzers
  • Food Safety & Agriculture
  • Metal Analysis
  • Scrap Sorting
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Mining & Exploration
  • Environmental & Soil Screening
  • Restricted materials in consumer products
  • Art & Archaeometry
  • Research and Teaching

CTX CounterTop XRF

CTX denotes high-performance EDXRF in a small, lightweight and sleek, portable configuration. The durable stainless steel body withstands all environmental conditions and is easy to clean. Weighted at less than 7.5kg and less than 27cm high, the CTX is completely portable and takes up a very small space on any surface. The CTX fits securely into its standard Pelican case and optional protective backpack. The user operation is through a front panel touchscreen display or an optional PC via Wi-Fi or USB.






Features –

  • Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Self-Contained
  • Battery Operated
  • Safety-Interlocked

Q2 ION – Ultra-Compact Metals Analyzer

Q2 ION is the latest range of spark spectrometers which elevates metal analysis into new levels of simplicity and ease-of-use. Presently Q2 ION is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometers for metal analysis available. It is a versatile multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys.

Applications –

  • Iron & Steel and its alloys
  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Copper and its alloys

Q4 TASMAN – Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Q4 TASMAN is an advanced CCD based optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis which provides a very fast performance using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. The system is designed to fully suit not only for your dedicated applications but also for many general-purpose applications. It offers dedicated solutions for your analytical tasks.

Applications –

  • Iron & steel and its alloys
  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Copper and its alloys
  • Nickel and its alloys
  • Cobalt and its alloys


Q8 MAGELLAN is a spark emission spectrometer that sets new standards with respect to technology, reliability, flexibility, and handling. It is the world’s first spectrometer which offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its unlimited combination possibilities of measurement parameters. It is the only vacuum spectrometer which features photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark- and time resolution and a heavy-duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow.

Applications –

Element analysis of:

  • Iron & steel alloys and traces
  • Nitrogen in steel
  • Aluminum alloys and traces
  • Copper alloys and traces
  • Oxygen in Copper
  • Nickel alloys and traces
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Check out the finest range of Consumables Sample Preparation and Microscopy from BUCHI

ARABLAB is one of the most influential exhibitions in the field of laboratory and instrumentation in the world. The exceptional growth in this dynamic industry has led to this trade fair to be the most important event of its kind in the United Arab Emirates counts. The ARABLAB is the platform for international exhibitors and buyers from China, Asia, and Africa. This exciting trade fair hosts around 10,000 visitors every year and is the perfect place to witness the latest technological miracles. Dutco Tennant LLC participates in this trade fair every year to let all the visitors have a wide look into the newest products and solutions which are intended for the betterment of the laboratories.

For almost the last 80 years, BUCHI has been holding it’s prestigious rank as a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control and production worldwide. They serve a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis, and academia. Their exquisite range of solutions for laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, spray drying, Buchi rotavapor, melting point, preparative chromatography, spray drying equipment, extraction, distillation & digestion, home freeze dryer, dumas, and near-infrared spectroscopy meet the highest needs of their demanding customers around the globe. At this year’s ARABLAB, Dutco Tennant and BUCHI bring together an advanced range of Sample Preparation and Microscopy.

Rotavapor Essential

Your search for an economical and complete range of high-quality evaporation solution ends here. Rotavapor Essential integrates a regulated Vacuum Pump and a Recirculating Chiller for covering the main evaporation applications efficiently.

Benefits –

  • Unique and affordable system for essential needs
  • Small footprint saves valuable lab space
  • Saves resources thanks to an integrated system
  • Centrally regulated Vacuum Pump and Recirculating Chiller
  • Process control due to precise vacuum regulation
  • Reproducible yield thanks to stable parameters
  • Ease of use due to smooth and ergonomic handling
  • Maximum comfort thanks to the integrated system

Parallel Evaporation Throughput

The perfect choice if you are looking for a highly efficient way to evaporate multiple samples at once. With the help of its vortex technology and flexibility, Parallel Evaporation Throughput greatly improves your sample throughput in a gentle and economical way. It is highly productive, versatile and sustainable.

Benefits –

  • Increased efficiency by evaporating up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Fast evaporation of high-boiling solvents
  • No cross-contamination due to individual sealings
  • Highest versatility working with different sample volumes (0.5 mL – 500 mL)
  • Improved flexibility with individually exchangeable racks on one workstation
  • Environmentally friendly due to high solvent recovery
  • No solvent emission
  • Energy savings due to simultaneous evaporation of multiple samples
  • No water consumption and disposal in combination with the eco-friendly chiller

Kjeldahl Throughput

You need to cope with the ever-increasing sample loads for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl, with rising costs per analysis and requirements for thorough documentation. Buchi offers a solution for analyzing up to 120 samples in a one-person working day, providing a maximum degree of automation in sample and data processing.

Benefits –

  • Unprecedented sample throughput is achieved, with the minimal number of instruments due to accelerated digestions and perfect synchronization
  • The fully automated process from sample preparation to titration for unattended operation.
  • Quick determination of priority samples using ‘Express Positions’ even when complex sequences are being operated.
  • Excellent reproducibility by thoroughly programmable procedures.
  • Different access levels of authorization, thorough reporting and tracked data manipulation following GLP guidelines.

NIRSolutions Laboratory

In order to take far-reaching decisions, you need fast and reliable information about your samples. Whether you are performing analysis for research or quality control our NIRSolutions Laboratory with dedicated measurement cells delivers precise analytical results for a broad variety of sample types.



Benefits –

  • Dedicated measurement cells perfectly optimized for the analysis of samples
  • Get results within seconds
  • Obtain several parameters simultaneously
  • No need for chemicals or solvents and no sample preparation
  • Automated data transcription into LIMS
  • Precise and accurate results due to FT-NIR wavelength precision
  • Robust prediction models thanks to powerful chemometrics software
  • Direct and effortless transfer of calibrations within your analytical network
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Witness the finest solutions for Materials Preparation, Testing and Analysis from Buehler at Arablab

ARABLAB holds it’s position as the world’s leading buying and information platform for the most advanced range of technologies in the fields of Agriculture & Food, Biotechnology & life sciences, Clinical diagnostics, Drug discovery & development, Energy & petrochemicals, Forensics & Security, Laboratory technology, Robotics & Automation, Testing and Analysis, etc. Presently this magnificent event is visited by over 1000 Exhibitors from over 100 countries and more than 10,000 Buyers every year. It has emerged as the ideal place for establishing regional and global partnerships between the science industry and top buyers and distributors. Being a top-ranked supplier of the modern range of Science and Technology solutions in the Middle East, Dutco Tennant LLC always looks forward to introducing the visitors of ARABLAB to some of their most exciting range of products from the house of Buehler, such as – cutting setnumber cuttersBuehler consumablesabrasive cuttingdiamond testing machine, etc.

Buehler is a renowned manufacturer of metallographic testing equipment including scientific instruments & supplies for cross-sectional material testing. The highly advanced range of sectioning, mounting, grinding and polishing, testing and analysis and hardness testing metallographic equipment along with consumables from Buehler are used by metallurgical, metallography, petrography, research & development, university laboratories, quality control departments, and failure analysis facilities for the analysis of all types of materials. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies Buehler’s superior range of Sample Preparation and Microscopy equipment to the Middle East and GCC region.

At ARABLAB 2020, Dutco and Buehler invite you to check out the most modern range of Sample Preparation and Microscopy equipment.

AbrasiMet M

The AbrasiMet M is a benchtop manual cutting machine for blades of 10in and 12in which provides consistent sectioning results. Easy access to the cutting chamber is provided by the sliding door to quickly position samples for cutting. The AbrasiMet M provides a smooth and efficient cutting motion with the aid of its powerful motor and ergonomic cutting arm.

Benefits –

  • Effortless cutting action
  • Durable machine for demanding environments
  • Dynamic performance

Universal Hardness Tester – Wilson UH4000

The Universal Hardness Tester UH4000 is designed for high volume production labs and production floor. It comes in two variants and is used for performing testing and analysis for several hardness scales with one machine, in most cases for higher loads (>5kgf). Because of its sturdy design, it is reliable and suitable to be used in rough workshop conditions. The innovative hardness tester features extremely fast testing cycles and a newly developed turret to hold several indenters and objectives. The operator can test a variety of test methods without the need for manual indenter/objective changes.


Benefits –

  • The unique 8 position turret will ensure that all your testing tools are installed and no manual exchange of indenters and objective is needed anymore.
  • The heavy-duty stage with a dimension will take care of your parts and components.
  • The frame is made from a very robust steel casting, perfectly fit for production environments.
  • High accuracy and repeatability of measurement results due to closed-loop load cell technology.
  • Automatic and manual Z-axis movement.
  • Workspace illumination for better visibility on your parts.

AbrasiMet XL Pro

The floor-standing automatic abrasive cutting machine, AbrasiMet XL Pro is used for 14in to 18in bladed which provides consistent and repeatable cut quality for larger diameter samples. An intuitive user interface with programmable methods allows users to create and save multiple sectioning programs for quick access. The large chamber and powerful motor of the machine allow for fast sectioning of large workpieces with ease.

Benefits –

  • Intuitive and quick to operate
  • Robust machine for heavy-duty use
  • Powerful performance for demanding materials









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Unveiling an advanced range of Scanning Electron Microscope from COXEM

ARABLAB is a promising event of the Middle East where science and innovation converge to make way for a technological miracle to happen. It showcases products from Medical & Pharmaceutical, Scientific Instruments, Research & Development, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Natural & Organic industries. The event focuses on bringing the world of science to life and several countries and international brands show a keen interest in this event. The leading manufacturers of the world participate in this exceptional event to showcase their newest line of solutions and looks forward to increasing their business. Dutco Tennant LLC being the most reputed supplier of high quality industrial and engineering products in the Middle East participates at ARABLAB every year to demonstrate it’s updated product range for the visitors.

COXEM is a leading manufacturer and provider of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which is the most widely used platform technology in Nano-Metrology of Nano-scale. COXEM being a partner of Nano-fusion technology that changes the industrial condition in the 21st century tries to provide the best quality service. COXEM’s advanced range of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is famous all over the world because of its outstanding performance. Apar from this other product of COXEM includes electron microscope, atom microscope, etcDutco Tennant has been supplying a fantastic range of products from COXEM in the Middle East and now at ARABLAB 2020, we look forward to introducing our visitors to their extensive product range.


EM Series

The EM Series represents the products of COXEM’s steady investment for technology and development with a view to the era of nano-mechatronics, can deliver clear images without noise even at high magnification and scan an even wider area with its panorama feature. Its compatibility with EDS delivers optimized performance and is satisfactory both in performance and price.

Features –

  • Auto Focus
  • Quick & Easy
  • Auto Filament
  • Auto Start
  • Duplex Navigation
  • Signal Mix
  • Dual Display & Save
  • Line Profile
  • Line Measure
  • Image Filtering
  • Color Measurement
  • Focus, Filament, Brightness/Contrast

CX-200 Plus

The CX-200 Plus is developed for simple use by users through a compact design and the upgraded software Nano-station 4.0. It works on the software NS 4.0 provides the most intuitive and convenient UI (user interface) for operations of COXEM scanning electron microscope SEM.
Features –. The NS 4.0 was designed keeping in mind both the experienced SEM users and the first time users. The software Nano-station of COXEM can be used easily with a mouse and a keyboard, and it can reduce the inconvenience of users’ direct operations through the Auto Function feature.

  • Compact and Strong Performance
  • 3nm Resolution
  • Standard SE, BSE Detector
  • Standard Chamber Scope
  • Standard Panorama
  • Signal Mixing
  • Fully Compatible EDS
  • 10 Ports for the Third party
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