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Scanners & Detectors

Scanners & Detectors

Tighten the security of  your organizations with our advanced Scanners & Detectors

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, security has become very much important and it is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. Every now and then, we get to hear news about damage or loss that has occurred due to a security breach or due to a lack of proper security measures. As a responsible supplier of quality security solutions in the Middle East and GCC region, Dutco Tennant LLC supplies quality Security Solutions to help you tighten the safety of your operations.

In public places such as the airport, school, offices, banks, and others, deploying scanners and detector devices can provide a sense of security. With these important devices, security teams can easily monitor who is going inside a particular area and what are they carrying with themselves. With Dutco Tennant LLC get superior quality scanners and detectors which are manufactured by some of the biggest brands of the world.  With us, you can get advanced devices that have several functions perspective like two perspectives and three perspectives security x-ray machines and portable and mobile x-ray scanner again we also have Pallet and Cargo X-Ray Scanner for large cargo and pallet inspection at logistics companies, airports, and seaports.

So, what type of Scanners & Detectors does Dutco Tennant LLC have in stocks for you? Let us give you a brief look.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Mail & Small Parcel Scanners

These scanners are ideal systems for screening small scale objects with increased penetration to typically 39mm, revealing liquid explosives, IEDs, contraband, narcotics and weapons using unique 6 colour software which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Check Point Scanners

These can be used for checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses, and luggage. We offer products comprising of tunnels ranging from 60cm x 40 cm to 77.5 cm x 58.3 cm.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Large Baggage Scanners

They have large tunnel sizes ideal for screening baggage, oversized luggage, large crates, and parcels. With us get tunnels ranging between 58.4 cm x 78.3 cm to 120 cm x 100 cm.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Cargo & Pallet Scanners

We supply TSA qualified x-ray systems for cargo screening of freight and large incoming packages and with us, both dual view and high penetration systems are available with tunnels ranging from 58.4cm x 78.3 cm to 180.3cm x 190cm.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Mobile Screening

Mobile Screening solutions can be extremely essential for quick and efficient security at borders, custom sites, entertainment, and sporting events. Our offered range comes with a featured built-in x-ray system with a tunnel size of 100cm x 80cm and 100cm x 100cm.

Vehicle Scanner-Car & Truck Scanners

Government entities need to be capable of quickly search through trucks and containers without delaying commerce to keep our ports, airports and border crossings protected from threats. Dutco Tennant LLC offers a superior range of Car and Truck Scanners that offers an impressive, automated, simple and speed scanning procedure.

Metal Detectors-Walk Through & Hand Held

Check all the visitors or guests entering your facility and bar them from carrying any weapons or unwanted metal items with our offered metal detectors which are available in both Walkthrough and handheld type. They ensure consistent performance, reliable and calibration-free operations.

Dutco Tennant LLC always thinks about the customers and tries to bring for them the most advanced and latest range of technologies to help them excel.

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Inviting you to explore our futuristic range of Business Technology Solutions @Intersec


Intersec is termed as the Middle East’s leading trade fair for safety and security. This exceptional event is held annually and this year it will take place between 19-21 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This exhibition is not just a successful meeting platform, it is the place where new projects and partnerships are initiated, where visionary objectives are conceived and implemented. The high footfall of international visitors explains why Intersec is of unique value to all the target groups in the Security & Safety industry. Interest in new technical solutions is growing to a greater extent than previously experienced, releasing tremendous sales and turnover potential.

Dutco Tennant LLC participates in this event everywhere to showcase its latest product additions and throws open a unique chance to all the customers to explore these products live and get all their queries attended by our experts. Every year we have been successful because of our visitors who have shown their support and stayed with us. So this year for the 22nd edition of Intersec, we have packed a bunch of surprises for our guests.

ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway with HD Voice

The ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway connects people, devices, and systems at unprecedented levels of manageability, scalability, robustness, and interoperability.

ICX-500 will provide your site with all your communication needs as it is easy to extend in functionality and system size, and is designed to be future-proof. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.


Vingtor-Stentofon’s ICX (Intelligent Communications X) implies the deployment of Voice over IP applications required in critical situations. ICX-500 provides carrier-class system availability and protects resources in an IP environment by using embedded security mechanisms

The main security mechanisms used are hardware Root of Trust, software integrity check (SHA256), restricted management access, separate management interface, and internal firewall.

ICX-500 offers:

  1. Integrated IC Management & Security

    1. Streamlined and unified management
    2. Built-in Cyber Security – Trusted Platform
    3. Fanless design, slim & compact
  2. Scalability & Robustness
    1. State of the art quad-core processing capacity
    2. Supports up to 552 IC devices per node
    3. Solid design with no moving parts
  3. Interoperability
    1. Supports industry standards
    2. Multiple Certified Platform and Device Integrations
    3. Native API & Cloud connectivity

ICX-Alphacom Core

ICX-AlphaCom Core is the software that is running on the Vingtor-Stentofon ICX-500, but now available for installation on industry-standard PC hardware. ICX-AlphaCom Core can be installed either on a physical machine or a virtual machine.

ICX-AlphaCom Core offers the same functional capabilities as the ICX-500, and will provide your location will all the communication needs you may have. It is easy to extend in functionality and system size, and designed to be future-proof. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.

Vingtor-Stentofon’s ICX (Intelligent Communication X) implies the deployment of Voice over IP applications required in critical situations.

Features –

  • Made to provide critical communication in any environment
  • Supports 552 IP stations
  • Global networking and integration
  • Fully compatible with legacy AlphaCom system
  • High-quality professional PA broadcasting and messaging services
  • Security voice guidance for public safety and building security
  • Auto-attendant functionality (Automatic voice supported switchboard)
  • Voice supported call guidance
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Showcasing the most advanced range of Time Distribution Systems @INTERSEC


Being the world’s largest trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection, Intersec’s influence has spread not only across the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent but has gone well beyond, offering thousands of influential trade buyers the latest security & safety solutions and exciting new opportunities from best brands in the world of security. Every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the latest technologies of Commercial Security, Smart Home, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security & Policing, and Perimeter & Physical Security and innovations come together in one place. Several companies targets to participate in this exceptional event as during this event, the interest in new technical solutions grows to a greater extent than before, which results in an enormous potential for sales and sales results. Every year over 34854 visitors from 135 countries including manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, trade agencies and government agencies along with architects, designers, contractors, insurance companies, banks, hotels, security companies, and trade associations visits this exhibition.

As a reputed supplier of a premium range of Business Technology Solutions, we have been participating in this event every year to come closer to our customers and give them the chance to have a firsthand experience of exploring our newest products.

In this blog, we will help you to know about the trending products which you can expect this year.



The DTS 4160.grandmaster is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 4 network ports (IPv4/IPv6). It provides a time reference for PTP and NTP clients. With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.

Features –

  • 4 completely separated LAN ports (3x RJ45, 1x SFP)
  • Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs
  • High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4160 via fiber optic link
  • High precision time


The DTS 4210.timecenter is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 16 network ports (IPv4/IPv6). With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.

Features –

  • 16 completely separated LAN ports (12x RJ45, 4x SFP)
  • Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs
  • High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4210 via fiber optic link
  • High precision time
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Explore the trending technologies of Security Solutions at Intersec


Intersec has established itself as the leading trade fair for safety and security worldwide and also as a successful communication platform for the protection and security industry. Every year in Dubai, this exhibition is held where over 1200+ exhibitors visit from more than 54 countries of the world to showcase the trending technologies for the areas of commercial security, information security, fire and rescue, safety, health, homeland security, and surveillance. Every year around 34854 visitors from 135 countries come to visit this event and because of this amazing international footfall, Intersec is of unique value for all target groups of the safety and security industry.

Over the years, Dutco Tennant LLC has been participating in this event to demonstrate our latest offering in Business Technology Solutions. Our branch of Business Technology Solutions consists of a big product range that includes best technology solutions, services, and products from greatly reputed vendors that are interoperable and complement each other. In this section, you can get all your products which can make your business thrive like Audio Solutions, Master Clock System, Security Solutions, Digital Signage & Video Wall, Lighting Control & Solutions, Scanners & Detectors, etc.

This year at the 22nd edition of Intersec, what new products can you expect to see at our stalls? Read on to know more.


Astrophysics XIS 6040SE

Astrophysics XIS 6040Special Events X-Ray Machine is the latest model based on the 6040 frames. It consists of a heavy-duty caster wheel with shock absorbers for easy relocation. The unit includes a folding monitor arm, handles, and tunnel extensions with retractable side guards, folding roller tables, etc. It is suitable for Courthouses, Prisons, Embassies, Government buildings, Police stations, Post offices, etc.

Features –

  • Based on the 6040N frame
  • Dimensions (LxWxW): 242.6cm x 80.4cm x 184.2 cm
  • Heavy-Duty Casters with Shock Absorbers for Easy Relocation
  • Folding monitor arm
  • Handles
  • Tunnel extensions with retractable side guards
  • Folding roller table (No tools required)

Astrophysics XIS 6040VI-3D

The 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner, Astrophysics XIS 6040VI-3D comes with a tunnel opening of 60 cm x 42 cm (W x H) and Single X-Ray Source of Powerful 180 KV generator. It has three detector arrays (-18, 0, 18 degrees from vertical) which can be configured to three view systems to get 3 images with one scan. Additionally, XIS 6040VI-3D has “Rocking” display mode cycles which provide orthogonal and oblique views simultaneously. It has Pole mounted 24 “monitor and control panel (Configurable and Adjustable) with Stainless steel accents. If you are looking for a scanner with a small footprint to fit through standard doors and also is mobile and user-friendly then this can be your ideal choice.

  • Tunnel Size: 60 cm x 42 cm (W x H)
  • Single X-Ray Source – Powerful 180 KV generator
  • Three detector arrays (-18, 0, 18 degrees from vertical)
  • Configurable three-view system
  • 3 images with one scan
  • “Rocking” display mode cycles 3 views
  • Provides orthogonal and oblique views simultaneously
  • Pole mounted 24 “monitor and control panel (Configurable and Adjustable)
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 189.26 cm x 83.31 cm x 134.62 cm
  • Small footprint
  • Will fit through standard doors
  • Mobile and user-friendly
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Give your business the smart edge

Business Technology Solutions

Technology is making things easier, better and smarter. With new ideas and inventions sprawling up every now and then, the problems that we used to face in the past are decreasing and we are getting more efficiency with less effort. Your business can also get smarter and better with the implementation of quality business technology solutions. Now the next thing that strikes your mind is what technologies to implement for your business? Where to get all the best solutions from? And a lot of other things. Well stop worrying, we have got you covered.

Get all the latest and advanced quality Business Technology Solutions from the leading brands of the world from Dutco Tennant LLC. Our specially curated product range includes the best technology solutions, services, and products from greatly reputed vendors. We offer top-class Audio Solutions, Master Clock System, Security Solutions, Digital Signage & Video Wall and Lighting Solutions. You can check out these segments and choose the solution which suits you the best and implement them in your business to make it smarter. Dutco Tennant LLC brings innovative technology, capabilities, and talent from across the globe to enable you to thrive. Our business technology solutions offer consulting and professional services for expert advice and support to define and deliver a strategy and roadmap to success. These services provide benefit to your business with our decades of experience and global expertise. Our tried and tested best practices strategies optimize and empower your business to thrive.

Products in Audio Solutions include Speakers, Amplifier, Invisible Speaker, Digital Signal processor, and more. Master Clock System has Analogue clocks, Large Clocks, Digital Outdoor Clocks, Digital Indoor Clocks, and more. Security Solutions include Access Control System, Scanners & Detectors, Intercom system, and more. Digital Signage & Video Wall includes Digital Signage, Video Wall, Room Booking System, Wayfinding, and more. Lighting Control & Solutions include Guest Room Management System, Lighting Control & Dimming System, and Intelligent and Stand-Alone Sensor.

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Communicate Easily, Manage Properly!

Organizations all over the world are using paging system as a vital resource for communicating instantly with staff and visitors with an easy button push. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies Vocia paging system from Biamp.

Quiet places are conductive to good health. Hospitals and medical centers make a good use of vocia paging system for ensuring a peaceful environment. Medical professionals rely on paging options that minimize disruption to patients and staff. A quality paging solution can make improve operations by sending pages to specific zones, reducing distractions and enabling meaningful communication.

Vocia Paging System

Busy public places such as train stations, airports, must distribute messages to acoustically challenging areas like waiting room, platforms, and open terminals. These vocia paging system reduce passenger noise in busy commuting hours. Apart from health centers, public buildings, bus stands, and other facilities each have specific and complex paging requirements, and they all need pages to be perceptible and understandable.

Looking for a brand which will solve all your vocia paging system requirements? This product offers excellent audio quality and manages all your paging, background music, and crisis communication needs. A powerful, scalable, and adaptable audio solution which can meet your facilities’ requirements now and forever. We not only ensure your messages reach where they need to go, but also make sure these messages are loud and clear and they serve their purpose.

Important Features of Vocia Paging System:

  •         Adaptable and economical paging solutions well-suited for a number of industry applications.
  •         Decentralized networking which avoids single point of failure.
  •         One place where you get standard paging, zoned paging, and critical paging.
  •         Integrates easily with existing communications systems and audio conferencing solutions.
  •         Voices which you can play: live, pre-recorded, and emergency communications.
  •         Expand it as your facilities grow.
  •         Ideal for educational institutions, transportation hubs, medical centers, corporate campuses, industrial buildings, and others.
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Quality Lighting Control System for U.A.E. Newly Included in Our Product Line

Inventive new products – lighting control system have been added to our products’ list for clients in the U.A.E. These products are from reputed global manufacturers like Helvar, Philips, and Leviton. Providing superior products for clients, we have gathered complete knowledge of the Emirates market, and these new products are advanced solutions to meet various necessities. Dutco Tennant LLC is a principal Business Technology Solution provider in the Emirates market.

Lighting Control System

About Lighting Control System:

Sensor-based automatic control ensures efficient lighting use in the rooms and spaces. Lighting control systems makes smart use of your lighting resource, and sensor-based lighting control can help you meet your energy saving goals. Sensors based lighting control depends on room occupancy and levels of light already present before any additional lighting is switched on.  Therefore, appropriate lighting level is maintained for the expected user experience, and energy savings. Lighting control system provided by Dutco Tennant LLC lets you meet these requirements.

Present day buildings are expected to do the maximum use of natural daylight to save energy, and at the same time ensure people’s comfort. A concept called daylight harvesting is used in modern facilities so that natural daylight can provide the light required, and where the electric lights can be controlled in response to varying natural light levels. Dutco Tennant LLC’s multi-sensor lighting control systems observe natural light levels and through constant light control, regulate electric lighting to keep up the suitable light level in the facilities. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Business Technology Solutions supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. Contact us for such advanced solutions.

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