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Dutco Tennant LLC believes in a world without downtime. We want to see a world where machines stay running, vehicles remain in motion, and your operation stays productive. Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent driver belts supplier for the Middle East and GCC region. We support distributors, dealer, and OEMs with their drive system requirements around the world. Our range of drive belts, pulleys and tools are built for lasting performance with premium-grade rubber materials, patented belt manufacturing processes, and decades of fine-tuned performance.

The Industrial belts offered by us includes the V Belts, which are designed using the best available techniques to ensure the finest quality and longer life of these products. Owing to their "V" shaped cross-section, these belts are acknowledged as V belts. These are designed with different sides which increase the grip, to help cool the belt and relieve stress as the belt bends around the small diameter of the pulleys. These belts are extensively acknowledged for its high strength and high rigidity. Dutco Tennant LLC provides a differentiated value proposition to customers by offering a complete portfolio of premium product and service solutions for both replacement and first-fit applications across targeted end markets, which encompass process and specialty, construction, agriculture, energy, transportation, and automotive.

Our supplied product line is recognized as the premium brand for quality and technological innovation, a reputation that has been built for over four decades.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides a reliable and wide range of industrial belts specifically tailored to meet the various load, temperature, and operating environments associated with the diverse industrial applications. Our partners have flexible manufacturing capabilities, deploying a wide range of equipment and tooling along with multiple belt compounds and constructions enables us to produce various belt widths and lengths with short lead time and optimal manufacturing costs.

Our industrial range is customized to application-specific demands and includes a variety of constructions based on the Aramid tensile member and base compounds. Our belts have been thoroughly validated in various demanding industrial applications; Wrapped V-belts for harsh ambient conditions, raw-edge cogged V-belts for maximum power transmission, multiple V-ribbed belts for small pulleys and serpentine drives and variable-speed belts for variable transmission applications. Dutco Tennant LLC industrial belts ensure cost-effective, zero down-time machine running, maximizing productivity and improving your daily operations. We feel the need of our customers and always keep going and going to bring out the most suitable solution each time.

V- Belts

V- Belts