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When oil penetrates rubber it causes it to swell and distort. This results in serious tracking and steering problems as well as premature wear and, ultimately, total belt failure. The oils, fats, and greases that have these damaging effects can be divided into two distinct sources – mineral and vegetable/animal. Despite the different characteristics, most conveyor belt manufacturers only produce one oil-resistant rubber cover quality compound. At Dutco Tennant LLC, we have collaborated with some leading brands who have specially designed and engineered specialist compounds to provide the best possible protection against different types of oil as well as many other potentially damaging chemicals.

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt is specially designed for the industry whose conveyors carry mineral vegetables, animal oils, and fats, machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants, etc. The provided belt has a high resistance to friction and atmospheric conditions, which enable clients to install the belt in the heavy-duty conveyors.

Owing to the years of industrial experience, we have been able to provide our valued clients with Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt at cost-effective rates.

We have emerged as a well-established supplier of superior quality oil resistant conveyor belts. Compounded of oil resistant rubber, these oil resistant conveyor belts are immensely used for conveying the components & parts coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants. These oil-resistant belts are also used for carrying soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials containing non-polar organic solvents & fuel.Our range of OR Conveyor Belt is specially made to provide Resistance to mineral oil, grease, vegetable oil, paraffin oil, naphthenic based oils, petrol and animal fat etc where Conveyor lines causing swelling and sponginess by these Oils.

Features –

  • Excellent resistance to damaging effects while conveying oil contaminated or treated materials.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Wear and tear-resistant property
  • Available into 2 types as per cover properties: Anti-abrasive type & Ordinary type

Dutco Tennant LLC always believes in providing the best service possible for each and every customer and we always give the foremost priority to their demands. We feel that each and every customer can have unique and diverse needs according to their projects. We value all these demands and are constantly growing to meet these demands. We are actively collaborating with various contractors and manufacturers worldwide to meet the different needs of our clients and trying to bring in the best solution for everyone.

OR Belts

OR Belts