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Conveyor belts having a steel carcass have multiple advantages over the regular fabric-reinforced conveyor belts. They can run at higher speeds and longer length. They have inherently high strength and very low elongation which reduces the overall life-cycle cost of running a conveyor. The excellent joint strength and joint efficiency are the qualities which make our range of steel reinforced conveyor belts stand out from the rest of the competition.

At Dutco Tennant LLC we are proud of our heritage of supplying high-quality conveyor belts to discerning customers across the Middle East. With our partnership with some of the most reliable and biggest brands in the world, we bring for you the most trusted and efficient solutions.

We know the enormous stress caused by high output. High-performance conveyor belt systems which are permanently exposed to considerable stress and work at large center distances require reliable and wear-resistant reinforcement with low elongation. Our steel cord conveyor belts are used in long conveyor belt systems and/or at low tension. They have, compared to fabric conveyor belts, a number of advantages as they combine excellent tensile strength and lateral elasticity even for deep troughs.

Areas of application –

  • Underground mining
  • Open-pit mining
  • Steel plants
  • Power plants
  • Stone quarries
  • Tunneling
  • Ports

Our manufacturing partners follow a documented quality management system for ensuring reliable and consistent quality. They procure the raw materials from selected vendors as per the agreed specification and it undergoes qualifying tests as per the quality assurance plan before being used. The rubber mix is formulated to achieve the best of physical properties to ensure a long life of the conveyor belt. All the batches from the mixer undergo rheological analysis in the Monsanto rheometer. Tests like cord pull out the test is carried out for steel cords in the universal testing machine before being released for production. The finished steel cord conveyor belts are visually inspected and tested to verify their conformance with the customer’s specifications and their sustainability for the desired application.

Our manufacturing partners have the most modern rubber testing laboratory to ensure the conformance of the product with international standards. Important technical parameters are tested in a fully equipped laboratory.

We offer Steel Cord Conveyor Belts solutions that are best suited for meeting the demands of transportation of products like ore, coal, and others.

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Steel Cord Belts

Steel Cord Belts