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Coil Cleaner Water Treatment Chemicals

Over the last four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been offering best in class solutions for various industrial and engineering solutions for various industry verticals ranging from construction to networking to electrical. Over the years we along with our subsidiaries have earned a place and trust among our customers and halve also gained various awards and citations for our unmatched operational and managerial excellence. We have only one motto which is to provide a world-class solution for our clients which will meet all their requirements at the best possible price. But this is not the only thing; we also keep sharp attention to environmental safety standards.

Coils are found in refrigeration equipment including those used in supermarkets and restaurants. It is not rare to find hundreds of “through-the-wall” fan coil units in a hotel, dormitory or apartment building. As the air moving over the coils contains dust, dirt, pollen, moisture and other contaminants, the coils get dirty and become less efficient. Adding to that, the evaporator coil and its condensate pan can become fouled with pollen, mold spores and other biological contaminants which can have adverse effects on indoor air quality. Without maintenance, the moisture around the evaporator coil can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

There are several acid and alkaline-based cleaners available to clean coils. These chemicals clean by creating a chemical reaction between the cleaner and the coil surface. This damages the coils by causing metal loss over time. Acid and alkaline-based chemicals carry with them an inherent danger to personnel and equipment. The foaming properties of several coil cleaning formulations are important to help float debris out of the coil body where it can be rinsed away. While some chemicals are advertised as “no-rinse”, many believe that all cleaning chemicals should be thoroughly rinsed from the surface to prevent coil damage. To clean coils, Dutco Tennant offers a wide range of products ranging from biodegradable expanding coil cleaner detergent specifically formulated for use with other non-acidic, non-fuming solutions that can be safely washed down drains. We offer commercial-grade, ready-to-use mold inhibitor for HVAC systems which help prevent the growth of odor, stain, and damage-causing organisms such as mold, mildew, and fungi.

Dutco Tennant Solutions for Maintenance chemicals

We are the authorized and exclusive distributors for NCH range of chemicals from the USA

  • Biological product for use in the application of reducing BOD and COD from the industrial wastewater stream
  • Coil cleaner to clean the scale & corrosion from the coil
  • Drain opener chemical for opening the kitchen drain from clogging due to oil & grease
  • Scale Remover chemical for removing scale from the pipework of various metallurgies
  • Demonstration kit to directly demonstrate the performance of chemical