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Cooling Tower Cleaning & Descaling Pack Water Treatment
Cooling Tower Cleaning & Descaling Pack Water Treatment Chemicals

Dutco Tennant provides clients with a wide variety of industrial hygiene and maintenance solutions as an industrial cleaning and chemical supplier not only in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah but in the whole of UAE. For the ultimate cooling tower cleaning solution here in Dubai, BioClean Pack is a unique combination of various products specifically formulated for effective descaling tasks for cooling towers. After some time, dirt, dust, and scales accumulate on the cooling towers due to exposure to the environment. Not only scales but also microbiological fouling and slime usually observed mostly on the sump and the inside surface of the cooling tower.

The appropriate cooling tower cleaning chemicals must be incorporated into the maintenance such as disinfection along with the descaling and must not be skipped because when the cooling tower is covered with unwanted materials, the heat transfer action depreciates and the efficiency of the system decreases. As a reliable cooling tower cleaning chemical supplier in Dubai, Dutco Tennant provides fitting solutions for each system by proper site inspections and recommendations on chemical dosages or consumption.

Cooling Tower Cleaning especially in a country like UAE is an essential part of HVAC maintenance because when scales, corrosion, and biofouling accumulation exceeds the maximum level, this can lead to equipment breakages and decrease in efficiency and undesired approach temperature values. By using Bio-Clean Pack for Tower Cleaning, Descalers, Brex or Scale Clear SUS, are used to clean along with the cooling tower’s sump, fills, and even along with the fan and affected pipelines. For best results, recirculation is recommended for cleaning.

BioClean Pack includes


Brex/Scale Clear SUS to be used as a cooling tower descaler. Actichlor for cooling tower disinfection. Aquasperse is a biodispersant which is a surfactant and penetrant for dispersing microbiological slime and oil type deposits for cooling tower systems. Defoamer FC101 is used in order to reduce the foaming which can come from using the following chemicals and prevent it from hindering the cooling tower cleaning action.