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Y-Strainers District Cooling Products

Y Type-Cast Iron, Flanged, Wye-Pattern Strainers epoxy coating inside and outside and is suitable for potable water. They feature a wye-pattern, Class B cast iron body with Class 125 flanged connections, stainless steel screen, bolted and tapped iron retainer cap with graphite gasket, and iron blow-down plug used to strain foreign matter from pipelines and provide economical protection for costly pumps, meters, valves, and other similar mechanical equipment.


  • Flanges to ANSI 150 or PN 16
  • Cast iron body / Ductile Iron Body
  • 304 or 316 Stainless steel perforated screens
  • Retainer cap with gasket tapped for closure plug
  • Drain/Blowoff connection furnished with closure plug
  • Bodies can be tapped for pressure gauges, or per customer requirement

Technical Data

Pressure/Temperature - Non-Shock
Size Material Rating
3 ⁄4"-12" Cast Iron 200psi @ -20 to 150°F 13.79 bar @ 65.56°C 125psi @ 450°F 8.62 bar @ 232.22°C
14"-24" Cast Iron 150psi @ -20 to 150°F 10.34 bar @ 65.56°C 100psi @ 353°F 6.89 bar @ 178.33°C