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Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser Water Treatment Chemicals

We are the exclusive distributor of NCH which has a wide variety of selection of industrial applications from industrial degreasing cleaning agents to the cleaning of industrial process equipment and vehicle maintenance. We provide clients with a wide variety of industrial hygiene and maintenance solutions as an industrial cleaning and chemical supplier not only in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah but in the whole of UAE. Due to a boom in the industrial sector, the great demand of cleaning solutions has enabled Dutco Tennant to venture to supply of maintenance and cleaning chemicals in Dubai.

Duo Power can be used in cleaning a wide variety of machinery in various applications including food production, printing, automotive and manufacturing industry. In terms of equipment degreasers in Dubai, Duo Power is highly concentrated and economical heavy duty cleaner which can be diluted with up to 1:100 parts with water depending on the condition of the surface or equipment to be cleaned.  It is 3 in 1 powerful cleaner that works as a fleet wash, steam cleaner, and degreaser.

Unlike other equipment degreasing product here in Dubai, Duo Power is non-silicated therefore it can be used on various materials such as glass, paint, rubber, anodized aluminum, and polished surfaces. Unlike other degreasers which can only be used on particular surfaces, Duo Power is versatile and can replace a whole inventory of specialized products.

Duo Power is a free rinsing grease removing product which leaves no film and can be painted immediately on cleaning. Its concentrated formula penetrates grime, strips away heavy grease, soot, oils, dirt and road film and works even on heavily soiled surfaces.

As we take on the role of a highly credible industrial cleaning chemical supplier in Dubai, our degreasers are NSF certified, therefore it is safe to use for degreasing or cleaning in food processing machinery or areas and most importantly, it is nonflammable.