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Heavy Duty Smokehouse Cleaner for Water Treatment Water Treatment
Heavy Duty Smokehouse Cleaner for Water Treatment Water Treatment Chemicals

Smokehouses, kitchen hood ducts, and walk-in ovens often get an accumulation of grease and carbon deposits due to contact with food at high temperatures. These accumulations cause an unsightly appearance on the equipment and increase the risks of food contamination therefore regular cleaning by a kitchen degreasing product must be observed. As Dutco Tennant is a reputable kitchen cleaning and maintenance chemical supplier in Dubai and the whole of UAE, we offer products that tackle these hard to remove greases in the kitchen.

Soot-Away is our smokehouse cleaning chemical supply here in Dubai which is a heavy-duty kitchen degreaser used best for cleaning smokehouses, oven racks, grills, and kitchen hood ducts. It is a highly concentrated chemical cleaner that can be diluted up to 1:50 parts of water. Soot-Away is one of the kitchen cleaning chemical products in Dubai that is potent enough to remove even burned on carbon and grease deposits. It is an effective kitchen cleaner that cuts through grime, grease, creosote, carbon, and dirt for thorough cleaning.

As one of the most effective oven rack and grill cleaner in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of UAE, Soot-Away is ensured to leave no film or objectionable odor after cleaning, unlike other cleaners which have special requirements to be used or done. A spray washer, steam cleaner, or hot water washer can be used to apply this degreaser to clean the smokehouse and any other desired surfaces.

Most importantly, like all other smokehouse cleaners in Dubai, Soot-Away is a non-flammable degreaser. Especially since it is going to be used in areas exposed to high temperatures. Soot-Away also contains biodegradable ingredients.

As a reputed kitchen cleaner and maintenance chemical supplier within Dubai and the whole of UAE, we supply drain maintenance chemicals that are NSF certified. Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. The NSF certification is also a plus which certifies this kitchen cleaner is safe to use even on food production areas especially for equipment that will be in direct contact with food. Only that for food production equipment, the cleaning chemicals should be rinsed off using potable water to avoid contamination.