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Vertical Post & Horizontal Wall - Indicator Post Infrastructure & Pumping Station Networks
Post indicator - Telescopic - Above ground - UL/ULC Listed & FM approved

AVK post indicators have a unique telescoping stem design which eliminates the need to disassemble and saw off sections of the stem during installation. The operating wrench can be locked on to make the valves tamper proof, and the AVK post indicators have a pre-cast threaded boss for mounting a supervisory switch.


  • UL/ULC Listed (DN 100-400) and FM approved (DN 100-350)
  • Designed to operate on DN 50-400 indicator valves
  • Telescopic indicator posts are available in 3 basic lengths. Each has a 23-inch adjustment range and can be easily adjusted in the field without disassembly.
  • Prepared for supervisory switch
  • Lockable with strap
  • Head and bonnet of ductile iron with epoxy coating internally and externally and a topcoat of UV-resistant polyester coating externally. Lower barrel of cast steel with bitumen coating, optionally of PVC.

Technical Specifications

Variant 34/00-001
Material: Steel
DN: DN50 - DN600
Closing direction: Clockwise to Close