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CISA eSIGNO is the new CISA electronic contactless lock and the latest addition to the range of security solutions specially designed for the hospitality industry.

CISA eSIGNO requires no wiring, making it easier to install and meets the specific needs of all hotels. Its design features also make it simple to install when replacing existing systems (even with work in progress).


CISA eGO is the latest addition to our range of security solutions. CISA eGO is the optimal solution for chains and bed and breakfast that want to have innovative electronic solutions and convenience.


Reader and Battery holder are seperate with handles (Split Design), Standalone battery powered contactless electronic access control system for door installation and Multicolor LED on external plate for battery level, privacy status and service messages. Internal LED for privacy status.

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  • Plate finishes : satin silver, polished silver, satin bronze and polished gold
  • Plate options : black and white
  • Handle models : Classic, Modern and Elegance
  • Guest Room Locks - eSIGNO