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  • MEE Exhibition 2024 Venue

16th to 18th April 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre(DWTC)

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MEE Exhibition

Comprehensive Range Electrical Products

Dutco Tennant LLC specialises in curating a wide collection of electrical products that are needed for all phases of the energy industry. Generation, transmission and distribution — we have got solutions for diverse requirements. As we work with a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and more from different parts of the world, our collection of products is not only versatile but also meets the needs of varied project requirements. We are heading towards MEE 2024 to give you an experience of what we are all about and how our role matters in the ever-evolving power industry.

Electrical Transformer Monitoring
Displaying Electric Cable Connectors in Energy Exhibition 2024
Explore Electrical products at MEE 2024

What Can You Expect From Us At Middle East Energy 2024?

Diverse Products To Explore

A wide array of products awaits, ready for you to explore. Our booth will be brimming with electrical innovations that are known to be the best in the field.

Product Display

Get a closer look at the products that’ll be featured and talked about at MEE Exhibition Dubai. The visual display will allow you a better experience to learn about them and their potential.

Valuable Conversations

No interaction at our stall goes to waste! Our team and accompanying partners will make sure of that as each conversation will be aimed to end on a valuable note.

Offer Project Solutions

The handpicked products at the showcase have been part of many ambitious and large-scale projects in the past. Exploring them means getting a chance to discover right solutions for your own project.

Networking with Industry Leaders

We will be joined by our partners who are some of the energy industry’s renowned names. At our booth for this Dubai energy exhibition, you’ll have the chance to network with industry leaders.

Productive Alliances

With amazing networking comes fruitful collaboration opportunities. You can seal the deal when you interact with our partners.

Explore Electrical Solutions at MEE 2024

Products You’ll Get To Witness

Dutco at MEE 2024
  • Discover Compression hardware at MEE Show 2024



  • Demonstration of Cushion Grip Spacer Damper at MEE



  • Showcasing Cable partial discharge monitoring system at MEE

    BlueBox Technology

    Cable Partial Discharge Monitoring System

  • Reveal Cushion Grip Twin Spacer in UAE Exhibtion


    Cushion Grip Twin Spacer

  • Showcasing Wildlife Protection at Dubai Exhibtion


    Wildlife Protection

  • Exposition of String Assemblies Hardware at MEE


    String Assemblies & Hardware

  • Exhibit Spacer Dampers at Energy Exhibition UAE


    Spacers & Spacer dampers

  • Showcasing Helical Rod Spacer in MEE Event 2024


    Helical Rod Spacer

  • Electrical Equipments - Profile P3 at MEE



  • Discover Dead Ends at Dubai Energy Exhibition


    Dead Ends

  • Showing Wooden Poles at MEE Exhibtion 2024

    Jauda Koks

    Wooden Poles

  • Advanced ACCC Conductor at MEE 2024

    CTC Global

    ACC Conductor

  • Break Cable Accessories at Dubai Exhibition 2024

    Chardon Group

    Load Breakdead Break Cable Accessories Upto 33 kV (MV)

  • Exhibit of Coupling T-Body Surge Arrester at MEE

    Chardon Group

    36102kV Coupling T Surge Arrester

  • Exhibit Intego general partial discharge monitoring at MEE


    Intego for Generator Partial Discharge Monitoring

  • Explore Intego for Rotating Machines at MEE Exhibition


    Intego for Rotating Machines

MEE Exhibition

Meet Our Partners

  • Advanced Conductor for Powerlines- CTC Global
  • Electric Power Solutions - PLP
  • Electrical Monitoring Products and Services - Camlin Energy
  • IT Consulting Services - Bluebox Technology
  • Polymer Products Solutions - Chnardon Groups
  • Time-saving embedded tools - MIKROE
  • Motor Soft Starter Manufacturer - Lecon Energetics
  • Wooden Poles Supplier - Jauda Koks

Get ready for a chance to unlock a groundbreaking experience by joining our booth at MEE 2024

Electric Services Innovation at MEE 2024

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