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Non Acidic Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener Water Treatment
Non Acidic Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener Water Treatment Chemicals

Dutco Tennant is a reputable AC cleaning chemical supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah and all of UAE and for air conditioning coil cleaners we offer Shiny Side which is a nonacid powerful aluminum cleaner and brightener. This is a concentrated HVAC cleaning chemical that does not harm the evaporator or condenser coils because of its high pH formula, unlike other low pH cleaners that makes fins brittle over time and reduces asset value.

Shiny Side when used as an AC cleaner does not need high-pressure water for cleaning the air conditioning coils because it has its own dirt push out the action. The advantage of this feature is that the fins of the air conditioning unit are protected from bending upon AHU/FCU cleaning which is undesired because this causes a reduction of the airflow thus reducing the efficiency of the system.

As Dutco Tennant is a competitive coil cleaning chemical supplier in Dubai, our FCU/AHU coil cleaner is also very economical as it can be diluted up to 1:25 with water. The dilution can be adjusted depending on the air conditioning unit condition but with the concentration of Shiny Side, the cleaning cost will for each AHU/FCU unit is relatively less than other products.

Shiny Side also has a fast cleaning action. It is a foaming coil cleaner that takes only about 3-5 minutes. Within this time frame, the product penetrates deep to the surface of the aluminum to push the dirt on the surface and makes it easy to slide off when rinsed with water. Less time for cleaning each air conditioning unit means more productivity is expected.

Among the coil cleaning chemicals in Dubai, Shiny Side is known as an effective HVAC coil cleaner that improves air conditioning unit efficiency without harming the system, lessens cleaning time, and gives more product value. This AC cleaner isn’t limited to coil cleaning but can also be used for all aluminum surfaces for cleaning and brightening purposes.

The NSF certification is also a plus which certifies this air conditioning cleaner is safe to use even on food production areas. As a reputed HVAC cleaner and maintenance chemical supplier within the UAE, we supply descaling solutions and coil cleaner chemicals which are NSF certified. Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF.