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At Dutco Tennant LLC, we have updated our stock with an array of high-quality butterfly valves, specifically designed for the Oil and Gas industry. Our latest collection of butterfly valves are from the renowned Armatury Group and are available in different types to meet your specific requirements.

One of our featured products are the Single eccentric, Double eccentric and Triple eccentric butterfly valves, which are industrial-grade valves designed to effectively control the flow of the working medium through a pipeline. These valves can be fully opened or closed to regulate the flow rate as needed. However, please note that while they can also be used for flow control purposes, a 100% guarantee of tightness in the long-term use cannot be provided.

Another type of butterfly valve that we distribute is the Throttling Butterfly Valve. Throttling butterfly valves are used to regulate the flow rate of a medium and can allow flow in both directions. They are not intended for use as closing valves.

The valve disc is pivoted in the body by an operating shaft, allowing for an angle displacement of 0-90°. The position of the disc is indicated by a line on the shaft, lever, or electric actuator. In the case of the L35.18 type, there is always a gap between the disc and body when the valve is in the closed position. However, for butterfly valve designs with a sealing collar (such as the L35.38 type), the gap is limited to the shaft area only.

If you are interested to know more about our offered butterfly valves then connect with us for further enquiry.