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Smoke Production Fire Testing Equipment

Smoke Production instruments are widely in all industrial sectors for the determination of smoke generated by solid materials and assemblies mounted in the vertical position within a closed chamber.

It measures the specific optical density of smoke generated by materials when an essentially flat specimen, up to 25 mm thick, is exposed vertically to a radiant heat source of 25 kW/m2, in a closed chamber, with or without the use of a pilot flame.

Features & Benefits

  • Test chamber with full width opening door, allowing easy access for sample loading and chamber cleaning.
  • Controls are mounted beside chamber for convenient operation. They are not obstructed when door is open.
  • Smoke density and temperature are on digital displays, for easier use and greater accuracy.
  • Chamber walls are pre-heated for easier start-up and convenient equipment operation.
  • Safety blow-out panel, easily replaceable, allows for safe operation of test method.
  • Gas measurement ports are provided, for optional measurements of toxic gases.
  • Cabinet designed with a standard 19" rack, for simple addition of gas analysers and chart recorder and other control units.
  • Computer software optionally available.