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Clamps Sub Stations & Power Plants

Our range of pipe clamps provide the perfect solution for every type of application, irrespective of the type of pipeline system which needs fastening: - heavy-duty pipes, piping for sprinkler systems etc. We have incorporated standard pipe diameters for individual clamp types in our range, but clamps can also be manufactured to customer’s specific requirements. Our comprehensive range of pipe clamps are offered with linings and fire test reports for single bossed clamps as well as the necessary VDS and FM approvals for special applications, such as sprinkler systems.


  • One-piece design allows quick and easy installation of sprinkler pipes
  • Approved by VdS and FM
  • Ideal for suspension using threaded pins and threaded rods
  • Easy height adjustment on a threaded rod or threaded pin

Field of Application

  • For fastening sprinkler pipes as per VdS and FM Guidelines