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Vertical  & Horizontal Wall - Indicator  Post Sub Stations & Power Plants

We are a major supplier of Indicator posts that provide the reliable way of operating a buried or inaccessible Gate Valve for opening and closing purpose. The Indicator Posts are available in various sizes, to meet the various trench depths. Also, it features few working parts, and visible confirmation the valve is open or closed. These Indicator Posts come with an L shaped handle which can be fitted with a secure lock. The Indicator posts are available either in Fixed or adjustable type design.


  • Target nut to allow 9 to 40 turns
  • Adjustable indicator plate (open/shut)
  • Tapped for supervisory switch
  • Protected window to indicate the valve open or closed position


Type Post Indicator Telescopic Barrel Suitable for Gate Valve Sizes 4” to 14 “ (DN100-DN350)
Coating Telescopic Barrel : Fusion bonded epoxy coating Lower Barrel : Black Bitumen coated
Approvals UL 789 and FM 1110 Ductile Iron Stand Pipes