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Underwater Repair Compound Maintenance Chemicals Water Treatment
Underwater Repair Compound Maintenance Chemicals Water Treatment Chemicals

Leakages from your systems, especially those which are submerged underwater, are tedious to repair as they require downtime. As a reputed maintenance chemical and pipe leak repair product supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the whole of UAE, Dutco Tennant offers you Aqua Stick, an underwater repair compound that can be used as a permanent solution to pipe leakages problems.

As an effective corrosion sealer product in Dubai, Aqua Stick’sunique formulation changes the product from aquamarine color to white upon mixing. As we are a trusted pipe patching product supplier in Dubai, Dutco Tennant ensures that this particular leak repair product is also designed for both applications to wet or dry surfaces. Aqua Stick is unaffected by moisture and many chemicals and performs as an effective rust repair product here in Dubai.

Unlike other pipe repair procedures and products in Dubai, Aqua Stick reduces downtime and the requirement for replacement parts. The putty consistency of this marine sealant product provides a “no mess” gap-filling application without the use of tools makes it a good candidate for water leak repairs.

Aqua Stick is a marine pipe sealant that cures underwater and when it is fully submerged, it can cure in 60 minutes which makes it ideal for emergency repairs. Since it was made as a permanent pipe leakage repair, it can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground, or filed after hardening.