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Wet Area Anti-slip Mat Flooring Products


Wet Area Anti-slip Mat is ideal for applications such as shower rooms and changing rooms since our safety flooring matting system provides effective water drainage. Our wet area matting provides an anti-slip, comfortable and attractive walking surface suitable for barefoot traffic in wet areas. Its unbacked, open vinyl structure allows water to run through the matting so that the surface stays drier than the surrounding area. The vinyl is also resistant to fungus, mildew, and most cleaning and disinfectant products, ensuring a long life.

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  • Easy to assemble : Joing tiles together is very easy. Only need to turn the tiles upside down and connect with a hammer.
  • Easy to clean : Anti-slip mats are easy and inexpensive to clean simply by moping over or hosing down. Dirt that falls through the mat is easy to clean up from the floor underneath.
  • Variety Design & shapes : The Wet Area anti-slip mats can be assembled in a variety of design and shapes. Allows you to economically create a surface of any length, width or shape.
  • Seamless Look : Hidden Interlocking Connectors.