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Dutco Tennant LLC sets a high target to provide all our clients with the highest quality firefighting products. Each year thousands of facilities get damaged by fire and it may cause great loss of life. Dutco Tennant LLC looks forward to putting an end to this and provide all of our clients with the best safety solutions against fire. We believe that protecting people and property from fire is a social commitment with a purpose that transcends the bottom line. Our professional approach to this end gives us an edge that sets us apart in the Middle East as a reliable partner for a safer tomorrow. We supply fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fog nozzles, hydrants, firewater storage tank and other fire protection products to help surpass fire hazards.

Standpipe system is an arrangement of piping, valves, hose connections, and allied equipment installed in a building or structure along with a hose connection. This hose connection is placed in such a way that water can be discharged in streams or spray patterns through attached hose and nozzles, to extinguish a fire, thereby protecting a building or structure and its contents in addition to protecting the occupants. Laying a firehose up a stairwell takes a lot of time. This time can be saved if fixed hose outlets are already in place. Again heavy wet hoses can slide down when placed on an inclined plane but standpipes do not move. The use of standpipes keeps stairwells clear and is safer for exiting occupants.

Dutco Tennant LLC offers various fire-rated cabinets as per the project specifications and standard requirements. We have various products like fire Hose/Hose reel cabinets, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Breeching inlet cabinets. Fire-rated cabinets come in, recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted, and trimless varieties. The standard door and trim material is steel, and optional materials include both aluminum and stainless steel.  All come with a turn handle, and continuous piano hinge constructed of material which matches the door and trim. All recessed and semi-recessed cabinets and surface-mounted steel cabinets have a heavy-gauge, white baked enamel box. Surface-mounted cabinets with aluminum door and trim have a box which is completely made of clear or color anodized aluminum while surface mounted cabinets with a stainless steel door and trim have a box constructed entirely of stainless steel.

Specifications :

  • Finishes include steel (white baked enamel), anodized aluminum (Suffix 'AL'), and #4 stainless steel (Suffix 'SS')
  • All fire hose cabinets include standard turn handle hardware


No. Description Details
1 Type Surface/ Recessed
2 Size As per project specifications and standard requirements.
3 Material Stainless steel /Mild Steel / GI
4 Finish Powder coated (Red/ White)/Mirror finish/Brush finish/ Hairline finish
5 Doors Wired Glass/ Solid door
6 Thickness 1.00 /1.20/1.50 mm
7 Compartment Single compartment / Double Compartment