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The advance Coordinate Measuring system outperforms traditional CMMs on the shop floor. Our systems can be portable, and they are insensitive to instabilities found in every production environment such as part displacement, set-up, CMM instability, and others. We supply instruments which are highly efficient at measuring parts that can’t be moved to a granite or cast iron table. You can also use it for geometric and surface inspections. With these CMM machines, one can accurately measure parts ranging from 0.2 to 10 m (0.7 to 33 ft.) in size and made of any material.

CMM measurement tool can be used for a variety of applications like quality control/inspection, stress analysis, MRO, degradation and damage assessment, and prototype, tooling, reverse engineering, and other works.

Incredible CMM equipment is supplied by us. We are a reliable distributor of coordinate measuring machinery (CMM). You can get automated, manual, high performance, CNC, and portable CMMs with us. These metrology equipmentsare offered in different sizes, dimensions and measuring ranges. Along with the machine you also get accessories like laser and video probes, software and hardware retrofits, camera systems, and modular kits. Apart from the supply, you get CMM calibration, repair, programming, and training services from our reliable personnel.

Coordinate Measuring Machines are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes to cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications, with every machine representing an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction, training and service support. Each machine component is designed using the latest CAD techniques to ensure maximum performance and manufactured from materials best suited to the purpose for guaranteed longevity, drawing on the unparalleled technological expertise of a world leader in metrology. A huge range of contact and non-contact probes enables numerous kinds of measurement to be performed, all backed up by comprehensive analysis software for interpreting measurement results in the timely manner so essential for keeping up with today’s fast-paced production.

Features Of Coordinate Measuring Machines are:

  • It offers Metrology-grade correctness, good repeatability, and traceable certificate.
  • As it has dynamic referencing its accuracy remains insensitive to instabilities.
  • Remains accurate over time with the easy field calibration.
  • You can continuously monitor the accuracy parameters.
  • Loaded with lightweight, wireless and arm-free probe for total freedom of movement freedom.
  • One can use it on the shop floor as it has handheld and ergonomic design.
    Easy to configure and flexible working volume.
  • You won’t have to do rigid setup and its part can be moved freely.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides coordinate measuring machine to clients in the countries like Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and other countries.