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The power transformers are vital to dynamic communication & flow of energy. It can be viewed as the main point in this era of energy system digitalization. However, some operational and environmental factors can affect the health of the transformer and reduce the capacity to work.

Transformers are used to supply electricity transmission and distribution. The transformer monitoring system can help you to maintain several ongoing operations that take place in your transformer. With the help of a transformer monitoring system, you can monitor or check the health of a transformer so that the faulty equipment can be replaced before any failure and the continuity of the power supply be maintained without any failure. Many sensors are used in the transformer monitoring system for monitoring ongoing operation in the transformer.

The asset managers can find it difficult to monitor transformers specially when it comes to huge items and big power transformers. The main challenges that asset managers face are:

Managing several transformer assets, mustering relevant health data in making correct decisions, creating a transformer strategy which is sustainable.

The TOTUS series of transformer monitoring solutions can effectively monitor every component on your transformer by providing a complete picture of transformer's health.

Transformer monitoring system gives a brief understanding to the asset managers about the transformer failure modes. It helps them to manage transformers in an effective way. Key advantages of using transformer monitoring system:

  • It reduces chances of transformer failure and all associated costs
  • Boosts the predictive maintenance in order to expand life of the transformer
  • Lessens unplanned outages
G5 Gas and Bushing PD & TFC - TOTUS (HV & MV)

G5 Gas and Bushing PD & TFC - TOTUS (HV & MV)

G9 Gas and Bushing PD, HEE & TFC - TOTUS (HV & MV)

G9 Gas and Bushing PD, HEE & TFC - TOTUS (HV & MV)