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Dutco Tennant LLC’s Construction specialities segment combines a portfolio of products and services for many industrial and engineering segments such as construction, infrastructure and industrial segments. The scope of our supply includes architectural finishing products, flooring products, seating solutions and sports & leisure products.

Benefits of Construction Specialities Products are:

We provide solutions for a large number of commercial construction specialists like raised access flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, carpet tiles, and woven vinyl flooring. We also provide solutions for building expansion joint covers and entrance matting systems alongside metal roofing products.

The Middle East and GCC countries continue to see a lot of growth in healthcare, education, leisure and fitness projects. Keeping these requirements in mind we provide solutions for a lot of turnkey sport and health projects for the leisure industry like gym flooring, sports surfacing for indoor and outdoor areas, seamless flooring solutions for children’s play area, kids play/gym/sports equipment, seating arrangements for the stadium and public area seating. We provide a number of value-added service that satisfies our customer's requirement for seating solutions for Airports, Auditoriums Cinema seating, Lecture halls, and other seating applications for the public.

Dutco’s product portfolio also has a variety of Access Panels that are supplied in various forms such as, Roof hatches, Access doors, Floor doors and Smoke Vents. We also offer finishing products such as tile trims, expansion joints, stair nosing, transition profiles, movement control joints, wheel stoppers, and speed humps, rubber wall & corner guards, and entrance matting systems.

In the construction specialities, we provide flooring products and Metal Roofing systems which have been effectively supplied to many high-status projects all over the Middle East and Gulf region. You can look for references to any of these projects that have been approved and listed by many of our important clients and architects.

We are a leading construction specialities solution provider in the Middle East and Gulf region. We have provided solutions for a number of projects for our high-profile customers in many infrastructures, healthcare, teaching, hospitality & building projects.

In construction specialities, we provide solutions that are compliant with the standards and requirements specified by local authorities. All our architectural finishing products projects are sufficient proof of the product quality, the brands and the services that we provide. For the last 40 years, Dutco Tennant LLC is trying to make the buildings of the region better by delivering exceptional solutions specially meant for the industry. With our team of exceptional experts who are committed to improving the building solutions for enhancing customer experiences and be beneficial to the communities. Daily we are moving our industry forwards with innovative solutions which are challenging the status quo. We are resetting the standards of the industry all over the world. We drive to do things better which has been an integral part of our identity. We are here to make your buildings better. This is our purpose. Being a leader in architectural building products, we welcome and seek out problems and unsatisfied requirements. We also thrive on it. We believe no problem is too small or big and we can solve it. In partnership with the biggest brands in the world, we have brought in the most advanced range of solutions suitable for all your diverse needs. All our supplied solutions are tried and tested to stand by all your exceptional project requirements in the Middle East. We have made our name as the most trusted construction speciality products supplier in the region.

If you want to take our service for your construction speciailties requirement in the Middle East and GCC region, then you can get in touch with us for ready, turnkey solutions.

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