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An electricity meter is a device which measures the total electrical energy consumed by the appliances which draw electrical energy from the main power supply at an hour or an official space and so on. Electricity meters are a common sight in households today. There can be seen several digits on the meter, they tell us the amount of the units of electricity which have been consumed so far and the electricity bills depends on this meter. The reading of the meter is cumulative. So to determine the consumption reading of a particular month, the difference between the readings if that month and the previous month is calculated. The value which we get is the electricity consumption of that particular month. Smaller reading means lower consumption and higher reading means a higher bill to follow.

Types of electricity meter-

1. Electromechanical meter – They are very popular in rural areas where the penetration of modern technology is not as high as it is in urban areas. The working of electromechanical meters is simple. There is a non-magnetic disc attached to it internally which rotates depending upon the power passing through it. SO if the power passing through is high, then the disc rotates faster and when the passage of the power is low, the disc rotates slower. The rate of rotation, in turn, decides the reading on the electricity meter. Higher the number of rotation, higher is the reading and vice-versa. Since there is a rotation of a disc involved, it is bound to consume some electrical energy itself to facilitate the rotations.

2. Electronic Meter – Electronic meters are largely used nowadays in urban areas mainly. An electronic meter has a LED/LCD display on which the readings of the electricity consumption of the connected appliances appear. The readings are digital in the electronic meters in contrast to the electromechanical meters. These are much more efficient than the electromechanical meters in the sense that they do register every small unit of electricity consumed.

3. Smart Meter – These are the latest addition to the type of electricity meters. They look similar to electronic meters but they are better than both the electromechanical meters and electronic meters in the sense that in addition to providing the usual services of a regular meter, they are connected back to the utility via the internet.

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