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People spend the majority of their time indoors in work environments, as well as home and businesses. As a result, an individual’s long term health and comfort can depend on indoor air quality testing. Businesses are increasingly interested in air quality monitoring systems to keep an eye on the conditions that maximize worker productivity and save energy. Dutco Tennant LLC provides a full line of indoor air quality monitoring equipment that gauge temperature, humidity (percent RH, wet-bulb, dew point), outdoor air calculations, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and airborne particles. These factors are some of the primary components that help measure occupant thermal comfort and assure a healthy indoor environment.

For many years, Dutco Tennant LLC’s highly advanced, professional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters and IAQ instrument have made green building surveys easy to conduct. In any closed environment, occupant’s wellness is quickly gaining awareness as a good measure for occupant’s health and productivity.

If you regulate indoor air quality and comfort levels in commercial places, it will enable a favorable setting of the indoor climate and prevents staff’s fatigue and tiredness and enables better staff performance. In order to determine indoor air quality, carbon dioxide concentration is the most important indicator. When people themselves are the main source of emissions, indoor air quality is a good enough indicator.

Modern work environments, homes, and businesses require that people spend a lot of time indoors. Therefore, a person’s long-term health and comfort are greatly dependent on indoor air quality testing. We provide Handheld indoor air particle counters to find out air quality by numbering and sizing the number of particles in the air. Handheld air quality monitoring analytical instruments can monitor parameters like VOC, Formaldehyde, CO2, and others which find applications in various fields of industrial floors. These models can simultaneously measure and log multiple parameters. They can measure CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, dew point, and other parameters.

Key Features of These IAQ instruments:

  • Determine thermal comfort by measuring temperature and relative humidity.
  • Calculates dew point and wet bulb temperatures.
  • Equipped with electrochemical sensors to measure CO.
  • Displays multiple parameters together.
  • Comes loaded with software for easy transfer of data to a computer.
  • You can review data on-screen, or download them to a computer for easy report generation

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading IAQ instrument supplier in the Middle East and GCC. Contact us for good quality environmental analysis equipment in this region. You can Email us or call us for such instruments.

Advanced Environmental Instrumentation

Advanced Environmental Instrumentation