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Meaning of the word concrete in the Latin means "concretus" that means solid or condensed. It is known that since the second century the Romans used quicklime with a pozzolan to increase its hydraulic properties and then mixed it with aggregates to produce a robust stone-like material for the roads and structures construction. Concrete is one of the most used materials in the construction industry. Several variables contribute to define the quality of the concrete utilized for a structure: workability, consistency, setting time and air content are only a few examples.

We offer a robust line of concrete testing equipment and testing accessories that conform to all applicable standards. Our equipment spans across all phases of testing for strength testing of concrete specimens, to non-destructive testing of hardened concrete, you’ll find the equipment you need, here.

Quality cement or concrete testing equipment from us give optimum performance and are given in standard & client-defined specifications. These testing equipment are easy to use & easy to review the quality. Our solution range encompasses a compression testing machine, test hammer, and many other related machines. We ensure that these machines are supplied to client’s doorsteps within the predetermined time frame and we also offer appropriate after-sale service.

Civil Engineering Testing Equipment industry has been playing a key role as a basis for technological development to sustain the growth of the world. With the passage of time, there is an ever-increasing requirement for us to meet the more diversified and specific demand from all walks of our industrial society.

An Overview Concrete Testing Equipment:

Dutco Tennant LLC with enormous and diverse experience is one of the leading suppliers of scientific and laboratory equipment. We have the mandate to meet the big demand of the scientific community, we provide complete testing instruments range right from basic laboratory equipment to most advanced instruments for research labs.

Concrete testing machines ensure that the right quality of concrete is used at the site and with checks for concrete placement in place. Dutco Tennant LLC gives a complete range of testing equipment to meet your testing requirements for concrete testing. We supply compression machine of International standard, and we provide installation & calibration services too. Our testing equipment is in operation in various industries serving many testing laboratories & construction sites.

With us be assured to witness the highest quality possible at each step bundled with high-class performance.

Compression Machine

Compression Machine