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Indoor Analogue clocks made with precision have always been in our stock for more than forty years now. We at Dutco Tennant LLC have been at the forefront of technology by providing the best quality analogue clocks for around four decades. Our quality clocks have been popular in teaching, transport, healthcare, economics, and industrial sectors, both for their worth and precision.

Clocks are synchronized via a Master Clock to ensure accurate and identical time across your organization. Contrived in advanced engineering centers in the world, these solutions are controlled through a time distribution system led by a master clock. Radio synchronization makes sure that accurate time is displayed without any variation. Indoor analogue clocks with bright LED displays used for diverse applications are available with us. We can provide superior Master clock systems with wireless systems and transmitters which can send the accurate time to other clocks.

Benefits of Indoor Analogue Clocks are:

Easy to use quality indoor analogue clocks let you install them by yourselves. A unique characteristic of our clocks is that each wireless clock not only receives the accurate time and fixes itself, but it also re-transmit the time to the surrounding clocks as well. Thus, one clock can receive the time signal from many directions and further transmits it. Wireless clocks can receive and re-transmit the signal from other indoor clocks in every direction in the entire facility.

Wireless indoor analogue clocks are loaded with multi-utility software and microprocessor to control time. Because every flex indoor clocks is a transceiver, the clocks not only can acquire the accurate time from the main transmitter but from the surrounding clocks as well. Wireless clocks send out data stream less frequently on battery and more frequently like every minute on the 230V models. These inventive clocks include functions like automatic calibration, better problem-solving functionalities that let users view the signal quality, the time elapsed since the last time the clock received a signal, full examination of the clock, and leftover battery strength. Our range of clocks are of high quality and have dial sizes from 25 cm to 80 cm diameter and offer the widest range of movements for every type of application and environment with many dials and finish options. The range of movements for our analogue clocks includes two and three hands NTP intelligent self-setting movements for Ethernet network operation with PoE power or 230V AC mains operation for the larger sizes. Our Commercial range of metal-cased clocks offers a valuable alternative for stand-alone and traditional impulse controlled installations.

Indoor Analog Clocks - Flex

Indoor Analog Clocks - Flex