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Dutco Tennant LLC offers Road Surface Profiling Equipment which is used for road roughness measurement. This process is an important part of highway and pavement engineering. Thanks to advancement in technologies systems have been developed to gather real-time data of longitudinal profiles of road surfaces. From this data, you can calculate the International Roughness Index (IRI) or Ride Number (RN). These numbers are used for expressing roughness (ride comfort) of a road surface.

Our Road profiling systems have laser sensors which measure road surface roughness and they are loaded with accelerometers to recompense for the vehicles movement’s effect. We offer specialized road profiling systems for a transverse profile, rut depth, macrotexture, and other shape distinctiveness.

Road surface profiling has become an important practice for transport departments throughout the world. Road builders employ engineers who are responsible for gathering statistical information on road surfaces like longitudinal profile, macro, and microtextures, and unevenness to determine friction coefficients. The measuring tasks are particularly demanding for most lasers because when you go to measure road surfaces, you may face many dynamically-changing targets. To learn more about the field of road profiling, get in touch with us and our sales team will tell you about various road roughness measuring instruments.

With a refined combination of custom hardware, ISO-9001 built electronics and feature-rich software, our supplied inertial profiling systems have more features, are easier to operate, and perform better than other systems. Beyond guaranteed compliance with industry specifications for ride quality testing, our devices have the proven ability to measure the actual surface characteristics of concrete or asphalt pavements with unmatched precision. The precision is a difference that elevates the Dutco Tennant LLC’s system over the competition—our profilers are not just an ordinary tool to replace the profilograph, test IRI, or guesstimate areas of bumps or dips. SSI has advanced the science, and the art, of surface measurement with lower noise data collection instrumentation and optimal filtering methods that result in a truer measured profile of the surface as compared to competing devices. Dutco’s systems have an unrivaled ability to reconstruct finer features and output exact dimensions of localized roughness. Many more differences from ordinary profilers exist within SSI’s hardware and software.

An Overview of Road Surface Profiling Equipment:

Dutco Tennant LLC is a renowned supplier of road roughness measuring instruments. Our core products may be used for measuring a variety of surface features, like ride and roughness, 3D topography for surveying, rut-depth/transverse profile, slope, and sidewalk ADA Access. Established four decades ago, our expertise is more than you can imagine. We fully understand that our success is based on customer relationships; therefore our company is dedicated to providing quality analytical solutions and performance in our devices. We do what it takes to keep long term, satisfied customers.