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When there is a need for bulk storage of water be it for drinking or for fire protection, the Fire & Potable Water Tanks are considered as an ideal solution both for indoors or outdoors. Our Fire & Potable Water Tanks uses high-grade steel sheets (with a galvanized high zinc coating) or 'marine grade' aluminum alloy sheets, with bolted construction and a tailor-made an internal liner to contain the stored water. These tanks are capable of storing 4,400 to 1,100,000 UK gallons of water. A wide range of shapes and any length or width can be catered for, that are easy to install at site. We aim to deliver technically superior and competitively priced water tanks that not only provide high strength but also give a long service life.

A fire protection water storage tank is used to provide facilities that might have a fire hazard the direct control of an amount of water necessary, it will ensure a fire can be extinguished with access to the appropriate amount of water resources in a timely manner. Galvanised Steel - Water Tanks is an ideal solution for fire water containment. Besides fire storage, it can also be used for drinking/potable water storage. Compliance with both drinking / potable water storage standards and fire water protection standards allows the same tank for both applications, as well as creating a “dual-use”. Increasing efficiency and lower construction cost.

Using this tank comes with an array of benefits too –

  • Long service life with the lowest maintenance
  • Cutting edge technology implementation guarantee premium product quality
  • Wide structure configurations
  • On-Site Source of Water• Boosts the sprinkler systems
Galvanised Steel - Water Tanks

Galvanised Steel - Water Tanks