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PV panels are also known as photovoltaic and are generally confused with thermal solar panels, but they work in another way. PV panels, unlike solar thermal systems that are used to produce hot water capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The electricity generated by domestic PV panels is mostly used for powering household appliances and equipment. The most conventional PV system is the grid-connected system, which, as its name indicates, is connected to the national grid. So during the night when the solar panels do not work, electricity from the grid can be used.

Moreover, if the solar system produces more electricity than what is needed, then surplus can be sold back to the grid, which effectively helps to make money by having solar panels at home. The second type of PV panel system is the stand-alone system which is not connected to the grid. In this case, batteries can be added to the system to have electricity when it gets dark. This system can be really convenient in remote areas where there is no alternative for other sources of electricity. Presently, thousands of people power up their homes and business with the help of PV panels.

PV panels consist of small photovoltaic cells that are connected together. They are made out of semiconducting material, silicone is the most commonly used. Cells are usually very small but when combined together to form solar panels and solar arrays can be very efficient. An electric field is created when the sun shines over the cells. More electric energy is produced as the sun gets stronger. But additionally, the cells do not require direct sunlight to work and can still produce electricity on a cloudy day. PV panels are available in various shapes and sizes and can be easily mounted on top of an existing roof. An alternative to solar panels, which takes less rooftop space but is more expensive, is using solar tiles.

Using PV panels as an electricity source can prove to be really beneficial. One of the solar panels are purchased and the installation costs are overcome, one can start saving money due to the reduced costs of the electricity. They are also environmentally friendly and using them contributed to cutting off of carbon footprint.

Apart from these savings, there is also an opportunity to make money out of solar panels, the government’s feed-in Tariffs pay you for the electricity you produce using renewable sources of energy, either you consume it or if you sell it back to the grid.

PV Panels

PV Panels