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Protect your most important assets and your employees with a complete and specialized grade surveillance system that lets you keep watch over your entire office. While in the office there are still plenty of security risks involved, let us help you to give the confidence that your business is secure – all time. All our supplied products have various certifications and abide by regulatory standards. Currently, we are serving the Middle East and the GCC region and we are trusted by numerous customers for your impeccable service and quality. Through our service partners and trained technicians, our customers enjoy exemplary customer service. For our exceptional service, we have been appreciated and awarded with various honors over the years.

Many times the best security comes when people know that there are security solutions in place. Install security systems like Scanners and Detectors, and Access Control Systems to reassure employee safety. Dutco Tennant LLC offers security solutions like Scanners and Detectors, Access Control Systems, and Intercom Systems for tight day and night security.

About Our Security Solutions Product:

Well-Implemented security products convey that you take security seriously, which minimizes cases of theft of belongings or important information. It is recommended to install security solutions throughout your facility to protect assets and at the same time ensure employee's privacy in offices. Quality security products from leading vendors are supplied by us.

A good security solution will not only back up office assets but can also avert you from being held accountable for security breaches. A wireless security system will always be in your control right under your eyes with our pioneering mobile app. You will be able to access your security system’s live feed from anywhere, anytime.

This ensures that even if your mobile you are still in the know at all times. Inventive alarm systems can generate push notifications or email alerts, which lets you be on top of what's going on in and around your office. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading security solutions supplier for big industry and residence facilities.

The Middle East and Gulf countries have for long seen latest quality business technology solutions product from Dutco Tennant LLC. We are an important and reliable security solutions supplier with a good reputation in the industry. Reach us for latest security solutions in this area. With us, you are sure to get a quality solution at an affordable price which can meet your every need.

Intercom System

Intercom System