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Entrance mats are the main barrier to prevent dirt and water from being walked in and progressing onto the interior floor of a building, protecting the surface finish of the floor.

Perfectly specified Entrance Matting Systems help for minimizing the risks of slipping hazards which are caused due to the wet floors reduces maintenance costs and improving the appearance of the internal floor covers that significantly decreases the amount of moisture and dirt which gets inside the building. Our supplied range of commercial entrance mats cannot just be used at the entrance of the building and the access points but can also be used in other areas which are subjected to increased soiling risk and heavy wear. In many cases, the optimum performance can be achieved by the combination of several types’ barrier matting. According to several regulations, barrier matting is needed for offering safe access to all the users of the buildings especially for the handicapped who move with the wheelchair. We supply superior solutions which are perfect to be used at access points, entrances, and other heavily trafficked circulation areas.

We supply various entrance matting system which is highly effective for both applications in indoor & outdoor areas. The commercial entrance mats provided by us can be used for both medium-duty as well as heavy-duty applications. Entrance mats can be tailor-made according to the specified dimensions and equipped with various frames types for buried and exterior applications. Our carpet entrance mats have been designed to survive the most challenging environments. Carpeted floor mats are one of our highly acclaimed product supplies. Our range is stylish and delivers heavy-duty wear resistance for busy areas, subjected to high volumes of pedestrian footfall and wheeled traffic. Our products effectively scrape dirt and absorb moisture from footwear and trolleys. A well-presented entrance also provides a positive first impression that visitors and potential customers will remember your business and brand.

We provide a complete range of hard-wearing aluminum entrance matting systems which can be used as barrier matting systems. Such systems are famous for thorough dirt scraping and damp wiping. Additionally, these mats have been designed to be eco-friendly which shows our commitment towards being environment-friendly.

Different Types of Entrance Matting System:

Our Wavy Outdoor Rubber Mat has raised wave-pattern treads that help in scraping mud from shoes and absorbs moisture and lead it towards side edges and drainage holes in the base. Appropriate for use in all seasons and high traffic entrances, the raised cross-mat face provides better slip resistance characteristics.

The Carpet mats for their high-quality damp and dirt control features are a good choice for commercial use. These mats made with polypropylene, latex backing, and aluminum frame are suited for high traffic areas and they keep floors spotless & dried out by their exceptional wiping/scraping actions.

Wet Area Floor mats are a good choice for use around pools and in locker rooms and showers. The unique design holds the mat in place on a variety of floor surfaces and the zigzag patterned surface provides a high level of traction underfoot and can also be used as a scraper entrance mat to remove coarse dirt, mud or debris. We provide Log Mats too under Entrance Matting System.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent supplier of Entrance Mats and Commercial Entrance Mats in the Middle East and GCC region. We have been in this business for the last four decades and have supplied Entrance Matting System for a number of projects.

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Aluminium Entrance Matting System

Aluminium Entrance Matting System

Wavy Out Door Rubber Mat

Wavy Out Door Rubber Mat