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Our supplied Wastewater Band Screens offer an efficient method of filtering and removal of unwanted solids which are specifically designed for primary wastewater inlet treatment. The thick plastic perforated panels offer two-dimensional screening from 2mm to 20mm diameter holes. This allows for the band screen to achieve a very high screening capture rate when compared with another mechanical type of screen. The extra-thick panels prevent the screening of the hairpin. The inlet flows enter to the center of the band screen and exits via both sides and the bottom of the screen, which means that the perforated filter panels are not in the direct line of hydraulic force that was created by the inlet flows. This increases the total panel surface area and helps to prevent the impact damage and the pull-through of the screenings. The belt of the band screen is made up of high quality, chemical resistant perforated panels. A series of very high wear-resistant advanced engineered plastic links drive the belt that forms a geared rack along the vertical side of the band screen. This means that there is no internally submerged shaft that may call in the collection of rags or screenings.

Under the influence of normal operating conditions, the screen will always remain standing in the channel whereas the solids are being captured by the panels and screened water flows on. After a few instances of time, the solids will tend to accumulate against the panels in such a way that the panels will become ‘matted up’ and the upstream water level will rise because of additional head losses. When the level rises up to a predetermined set-point or at that point when the upstream or downstream level difference stands above a certain range, the rotation of the screen will start. The matted panels will rise to the top where the spray nozzles will clean the panels and release the screenings into a collection trough. To continue to capture the solids in the inlet flows, clean panels then become submerged in the channel. The band screen can also be made to run in continuous mode in which the screen rotates continuously for collecting and depositing captured solids.

Benefits -
  • Suitable for narrow channels
  • Have high throughput capacity
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • The channel and machine is economically dimensioned
  • Has easy maintenance and operation
  • the stainless steel design offers maximum corrosion protection
Applications -
  • Primary and secondary treatment stage
  • Industrial and municipal applications
  • Protection of membrane plants
  • Treatment of cooling water circuits
  • Screening in the inlet to power plants
  • Treatment of cooling water circuits
  • Surface and river water screening
  • Reduction of COD / AFS in existing plants
Wastewater Travelling Band Screens

Wastewater Travelling Band Screens

Perforated Band Screens for Wastewater Solutions

Perforated Band Screens for Wastewater Solutions