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A scanning electron microscope uses an electron beam -- accelerated to high energy and focused on the sample -- to examine the sample surface, and in the process ejecting secondary electrons to form the sample’s picture.

SEM uses electrons instead of light to make images. Since their development Scanning Electron Microscopes have opened up new areas of study in the medical and physical science circles. These SEMs have allowed researchers to examine bigger sample varieties. The signals which derive from electron-sample interactions can reveal information about the sample such as external morphology, chemical composition, and crystalline structure and orientation of materials making up the sample. Majorly in most applications data are collected over a selected area of the surface of the sample, and a 2-dimensional image is generated which displays spatial variations in these properties. Areas ranging from approximately 1 cm to 5 microns in width can be imaged in a scanning mode using conventional SEM techniques.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) which can scan a sample with a focused electron beam and make clear images. These images can give information about the samples’ topography and composition. Our SEM gives images which deliver high-resolution surface information and better materials contrast. Take your SEM from our comprehensive set of analytical solution products.

These SEM Microscope are used in forensic, clinical, research, and industrial laboratories for various applications such as cell surface imaging, evidence analysis, and single-particle analysis. Our scanning microscopes don’t require considerable investment, so look for better technical support, long-range warranties, and service contracts.
Dutco Tennant LLC wants that our clients keep pace with continuously lessening product sizes and to increase productivity while bringing down the analysis costs. We offer the most effectual and fastest imaging SEM available in the market. Its exceptional design makes it fit for use in various applications and markets. We believe that each and every customer is unique and their needs can be diverse. To meet their diverse needs we are always growing and collaborating with various manufacturers and vendors of the world to bring in the most advanced and innovative solutions.

Features of Our Scanning Electron Microscopes are:

  • They have versatile imaging capability.
  • Imaging a wide view field to visualizing sub-nanometer surfaces – it supports everything.
  • New electron optics and detection systems to do a better acquisition of multiple secondary electrons and back-spread electron signals.
  • Supports multi-channel imaging.
  • Displays all collected information effectively.
  • Capable of displaying and saving multiple signals simultaneously to increase information acquisition.
  • Offers a wide variety of observation techniques.
Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM Tabletop

SEM Tabletop